Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something About Mary

by: Barb

The Cupcake Club was reunited yesterday with Mary. We had a hoot of a time and celebrated Mary's Birthday, Susan's Birthday and just being together before Mary makes the official household move to Indianapolis.

We started with Mary's Birthday. This is the cake I made for her:

This is how it looked fresh out of the pan.

one of her gifts - appropriate!

We played LCR. It's an easy dice game and we play with fat quarters. This month our color was purple. We used the Ouija board as our playing surface.

And who won? Mary.

Mary gave Susan this B-day gift for her new sewing room - love it.

Now a few things from Show and Tell. Here are my quilts that I'm making for my father-in-law and mother-in-law for Christmas. They have been recently separated at the Retire Community that they live in. My mother-in-law is now in the memory center, and doing well. I'll be finishing these up and taking them with us at Thanksgiving (gulp).

This Susan's all hand-pieced antique reproduction quilt; Primitive Hall. It is a amazing!

Susan is an incredible artist and here are her inkings:

She is using this gorgeous purple toile' (be still my heart) for the backing.

Mary brought me this wonderful little prize. I have a thing about sock monkeys and this little "ghost" is too cute!

For lunch we had Pumpkin Soup and Apple Pie Sandwiches. The sandwiches are thinly sliced apples, cheddar cheese, a little bit Miracle Whip on raisin bread and then grilled. They are delicious and easy!

cake time

Then Mary took all her loot and flew off to Indy. She'll be moving in her new home on Friday.

I can't tell you how much this group means to us. I encourage all creative people to get together to exchange ideas, inspiration and laughter.

We'll miss you Mary!!


  1. what a great cake!
    What a beautiful quilt susan, oh my gosh those drawings are amazing.
    beautiful quilt.
    Hope you had a great birthday Mary and good luck in your new will you be back in 3 years?
    great quilts for your inlaws Barb, wow better get machine quilting !

  2. Great cupcake, I've never seen one so big. I LOVE Susan's quilt and hand pieced....she's my kinda gal :0)


  3. Happy birthday to Mary. Wow the cake looks amazing, I'm trying to imagine how you'd begin to cut into it. The quilts are wonderful and the drawings are amazing. What a fabulous day.

  4. The cupcake cake looks luscious. I have seen the cake pan that makes those. I am assuming that is what was used.
    I do like the hand-pieced reproduction quilt!

  5. Happy Birthday Mary! Looks like a great time was had by all. I too am amazed at the huge cupcake which looks fabulous. The quilts were beautiful and I did love the reproduction quilt with the incredible drawings.How special to have a group to share like that! Enjoy!


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