Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Favorite Quilt Shop - Ever!

A winter storm delayed my trip home so I was able to visit my favorite quilt shop - ever! The Quilt Merchant. The owner, Docia, has an incredible gift for display. Every area of the shop is very thoughtful and everything is beautifully displayed. She is warm and friendly, as her entire staff. I always feel welcomed back when I visit.

Here are some photos of the store:

I love this little vignette -

Cute little cupboard on top and aren't the sample quilts beautiful!

Here is the wool corner, where you'll find everything for needle punch, penny rug making, and embroidery.

Here is a newly acquired storefront room for the quilt shop. This will be used for all things bright. 30's fabrics, baby prints, and brights will have a room of their own - it's shaping up nicely! Love the bathtub.

What a surprise when this pulled up in front of the shop! It's a red wooden sled drawn by 2 beautiful horse. They were visiting from Kline Creek Farm, which it a working 1800's Illinois farm. It is used by many of the schools and scouting organizations for education.

Docia said that when it snows they sled in for hot dogs. What a hoot, as this is all taking place in a strip-mall.

Oh, yes, steamed hot dogs - the best~ I do miss a good Chicago hot dog as there's nothing like it anywhere else.

And here is my little hot dog, coco - growing every day. This is a toy she loves, a cardboard box - her little house.

Feb 16h
feb. 22nd (six days later)


  1. Oh gosh, your photos from the Quilt Merchant make me want to get in the car and go up there today - even in this freezing weather! I love that shop!

  2. Now that is my kind of shop!! I love the samples and it looks like a wonderful selection of reproduction fabrics!! Thanks for the virtual visit.

  3. The bath tub is unusual but a good idea. I e-mailed the shop to ask about an applique pattern for a quilt shown on the wall in a couple of the photos. I did not find it in their on-line store offerings.

    Oh, how I would love to ride the horse drawn sled!

  4. Wow great shop!! I wish all shops were like this. I remember the wonderful hot dogs...every time I had a business trip in Chicago, I had hot dogs, wood fire pizza and a trip to Lawry's yummmmmm.


  5. I am jealous! What inspiration in that store. The one quilt store I went to but most of my reproduction fabrics got rid of most of them. 1930s and civil war. They needed to make room for selling bernina sewing machines and the latest cute fabric from Moda.

  6. I was going to comment on that gorgeous quilt shop, but Coco's cuteness just killed me.

  7. Wah...Wah....I wanna go to this shop!!! Good stuff Maynard!! (a slang phrase we use here in Texas)

    Yes...little Coco IS is my little Goober!!

  8. Love this quilt shop wow I can see why you love it!
    oh coco is just adorable!!!!

  9. Wow! You are sooo right about her gift for display! Would love to have this quilt shop just around the corner from my house! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

  10. Coco needs a bigger box, she looks so gorgeous. Love the look of the fabric store, wonderful quilts on display and what a big space they have.

  11. What a wonderful quilt shop! And how exciting to see the sled and horses pull up outside!

    Your puppy is gorgeous. She wont be playing in that box for too much longer.

  12. That's looks like a great shop. I'll have to check them out when i go to the Chicago show in April. Tony's Steamers - hot dogs? I could go for some nice clams!
    Coco is sooo cute!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shop too. I got to visit one year and am hoping to get there this summer again. I could move in that place. Maybe I could hide out in the back and they wouldn't notice me there??
    Love the horse and wagon. That is tooo cute. As is your little puppy.

  14. Mary C. wants me to visit Quilt Merchant and make a day of it with friends. After seeing your photos, it just might be worth the Herculean effort.

    The new puppy is priceless! How many times have you called her Ellie?


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