Friday, September 10, 2010

Heres Abe!

Happy Friday!

Here is my finished top for the Abraham Lincoln Quilt Challenge.

And some close ups:

It has changed many times and here are a few of them.
Here's an early one 

This was the most recent working design -

In the end I just didn't like the scale of those log cabin blocks.  Too bad too, because I made 20 of them!~ and they are 1/2" finished logs.

This way I can incorporate the log cabins (after all he was born in one!) and also the Declaration of Independence which was a source of encouragement for him during the Civil War to keep our country united.

I had several requests to see the orange quilts in one photo.  Some girlfriends were here yesterday and were kind enough to hold them.

Also, I was remiss in telling everyone the 5 things I see as them having in common; they were:

Color - all the same; solids, except for the purples which were a tone on tone on muslin.

Flying Geese - they all contained these units even the one on the left, which looks like a jesters collar.

Drop diamond Machine Quilting - over the whole surface, right over the applique, off white thread.

Border Treatment - they all have pieced top and bottom borders and strips on the sides.


Thanks for all the other similarities that you found!  It was fun to read them like all being botanical and all having birds of some kind.

I ran across this the other day.  It is a name tag to a Gwen Marston retreat.  The theme that year was 4-block quilts, so I made a 4-block name tag for me and my Mary B.   During the course of the retreat other 4 letter names were made including Gwen.  Some women used diphthongs to create 4-block name tags.  Like
 K  A
A diphthong is a group of consonants that make a single syllable sound.  Can your name be a 4-block?  The berries were added at the retreat as well....aren't quilters fun?

The best for last -
This week I received a surprise gift from Vicki of Load of Scrap.

It came with a beautiful note.  I can't believe how generous and thoughtful she was.  Thanks again, Vicki, I just love it.


  1. Thanks for showing your quilts together Barb - they look great. I finally launched the great GOT DOTS quilt-along on my blog ... maybe you'll join us ?? !! I'd love to see one made using the "scraps" from your Awesome Abe quilt - I love it!

  2. Wow--wonderful job--I think Abraham Lincoln would be pleased! Absolutely great use of fabrics. I love the eagle border--it's perfect there. Are those kitties in the background of the "glory" block (I love cats!)? Fun seeing all the orange quilts together too!

  3. Wow ! It turned very beautiful, congrats on this finish.

  4. So glad you are happy with it. There was so much going on to read in your post.

  5. I really like the Abe quilt! The solids (is the blue/black also a solid or a tone?) set each border off like a mat in a frame...very cool, and helps showcase all that rich patriotic/historic-looking fabric!
    Oh I hate you couldn't use the log cabins in his top! But they really look good with the Constitution, don't they? :-D

    You had me with the berries on the Orange bunch :-D, but they are so impressive side-by-side. I have a stairwell wall those would look stunning on.... Just in case you don't have a place for them!
    Mary Lou

  6. Wow. He's gorgeous -- what a bunch of beautiful work. And you were able to still use the log cabins -- that's wonderful. Very, very cool. Oh, and my name can definitely be a 4-letter name tag. ;-)

  7. WOW, the Lincoln quilt is really nice.


  8. What a wonderful post Barb. Abe turned out beautifully. It's funny how one project leads to another - the leftover log cabin blocks become part of another, unexpected project.
    I enjoyed seeing your orange quilts together, and love the concept of sewing within a theme, or guidelines that you set yourself.
    Isn't that Vicki a great girl?!

  9. Oh, and the nametag - how creative! Love it, too.
    Your post was so full of goodies that I left that out.

  10. Revised Abe looks great!
    Just awesome!
    how lucky are you I love that towel. YOu know how much I love that quilt ah yes still on my list to make, someday!
    enjoyed the post and learning more about the orange quilts and challenge...

  11. Hi Barb. Wow, Abe turned out really well. Are you intending that the log cabins and constitution go on the back?
    I too was a lucky recipient of that tea towel from the V&A from a friend who visited the museum - it is NOT going in the kitchen for my family to wreck!

  12. wow Abe loos fantastic you did a wonderful job, love it.

    your orange quilts are beautiful and thank you for showing them together, are you going to hand them together, they would make a fantastic display.


  13. It has been so interesting to watch this quilt evolve. I liked all the stages and the final quilt is fantastic!! I'm glad you can use the log cabin blocks - they really are wonderful too.

  14. Wow, your Abe quilt is stunning!!!

    I love how you are going to use the log cabin blocks!

    Great gift from Vicki!

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Abe quilt!! It is FABULOUS! I really like the way it turned out (now what are you going to do with all the other little bits that didn't make the cut...another fabulous quilt??).

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  16. My favorite president would LOVE this quilt!! The final design is soooo perfect!! Well Done Girl Friend!!

    Oooo love the towel, the pattern would make a great quilt, or is the design from one? :0)


  17. Gorgeous ABE!!! Love it!!! You are awesome!

  18. That teatowel had your name on it, I love the quilt, I'd love even more to play with the idea of it one day. Your Abe quilt is fantastic, what a beautiful job you made of it and just think, you have the makings of something else with the log cabins.

  19. All the angst and your Abe is wonderful!! I'd love to see it in person;)
    You must tell me in the first photo if that is a wooden painted Abe? Adorable!
    I love seeing your berry quilts side by side.

  20. Wow! congrats. so fun to see the different design ideas - those log cabins will be a great second quilt. love that Abe folk art piece as well! no, my name would not be a good 4patch. Tony or maybe Onya...

  21. I really enjoyed watching the Abe quilt evolve. I LOVE the way it turned out!
    I think you found the perfect use for those log cabin blocks? Having them made and ready to be used may have been just the right spark at the right time? ;)

    I enjoyed seeing the orange series together, and thank you for telling what they had in common. Fun!

    I love that tea towel..I'd frame it. :)

  22. It was fun looking at the evolution of the Abe quilt -- it was a sneak peek into the creative process and I really enjoyed it.

    The final Abe permutation is my favorite (although I do love those log cabin blocks). Thanks for sharing your journey.

  23. Hi Martha -
    Thanks for your lovely comments. You are set up as a non-reply blogger, so hopefully you'll see this response.
    Thanks for stopping by

  24. Great Abe quilt! I'm sure the logcabins will not be orphaned long!

  25. Love, love, love your quilts! Thanks for showing the process too!

  26. It looks fantastic Barb! You have really done Abe proud immmortalising him in your quilt. Congratulations on the finish.

  27. Your Abe quilt is wonderful! and how fun are all those orange quilts together!

  28. Great Abe quilt- Love the colors.
    Also nice to see the three orange quilts together.

  29. Abe is a very creative piece. You did a wonderful job on it.
    The tea towel is just perfect for you. I may have to track one of those down for myself.

  30. Your quilts evolve like mine...first on the working wall of my mind, then on the literal working wall each transformation is fun. Thanks for sharing! Sharyn

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