Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Dog Ate My Applique'

Really, coco, really?  Seriously....she came up to the coffee table and licked up and swallowed my cherry before I could do a thing about it.

More quilts from the show.

Sorry, this one is blurry.  This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it.  I thought it was really charming, but then again, I love stamps and I like dolls.  A fabric was used that looked just like the perforation on stamps, remember when we had to tear and lick them?....ah, the good old days.

What a lovely quilt, and very well done.  Humble, lovely.

I really liked this one.  The seaons were well represented.  I also liked that she added wool pennies - clever girl!

This quilt was made in the 1860s.  It was pristine!  If you study it, there are definite patterns in the placement of the flowers.  Very unusual color choice, then again it was the 1860s.....

This is a great quilt.  I'm really drawn to solids lately.  It was fun to figure out what the block is.  There is a an interesting sashing thang going on here.  Can you find the block pattern?  can you say Y seam?

I think we all know who's fabric this is.  That's alotta sewing.

Okay, this is from the "World Quilts" competition and it won "Best Use of Color".   That's all, I have nothing else to add.......?

I will post the last of my photos on Friday -
have a great week and I hope you find time to sew.


  1. As long as she didn't swallow a needle...
    Hm Best use of Colour?... Interesting thank for sharing I love the Seasons Quilt


  2. Yeah, like, best use of COLOR?? Huh?! Like the others though and Coco was obviously needing some fibre! LOL

  3. The Y seam quilt with the stripes intrigues me. And I like the doll stamp quilt. It is very different. And I am glad that we don't have to lick postage stamps any more.

  4. What were the judges thinking on the best use of color quilt?!
    I don't remember seeing the 4 seasons quilt- I love it!!
    I can't believe Coco ate your berry! Crazy pup!! At least it was just one berry and not the whole block! LOL

  5. Maybe Coco thought the berry was a stamp....

    Best use of color was a surprise...perhaps the judge was a minimalist and was making or statement?

  6. Wow, some very beautiful pieces ! My favorite is the solid with Y seam.

  7. Wow more great quilts! The doll one is very interesting to look at. I'm not a fan of dolls, I preferred playing football with my brothers, but love the concept and execution of this piece. I must admit, the last applique is my favorite, but then I LOVE all applique :0)


  8. I LOVE the doll stmp quilt. Very clever. All of the quilts you show are wonderful, and for different reasons. If I were going to make one of them I'd probably choose the one made from solids with that wonderful sahing! :)
    Thanks for sharing these.

  9. I was intrigued by the doll quilt. I used to be an avid doll collector and I have a sheet of those stamps. I would have enjoyed seeing that quilt, what a lot of work and very true to the real thing.

  10. More lovely quilts!! I love the doll quilt, I bet my daughters would too - they'd say "why don't you make a quilt like that?" :0) I also love the one from 1860 - what a treasure!

  11. i think my favorite one is the season's one with the wool pennies~very cute~!

    oh dear, the dog ate your applique?! this is ringing some bells . . . hmmmmm . . .
    bad dog. BAD dog.


  12. I love the last quilt, but can't quite figure out how it won best use of colour? Perhaps I'm missing something here?

  13. Love the quilts - especially the 8 point star in solids, very clever colour placement. Thanks for the quilt show!

    PS. The doll in the lower row (centre) made me do a double take - I'm sure its just the blurry photo, but he reminded me of the evil little "Chucky" doll in those horror movies!

  14. I took pictures of every one of the hexagon quilts. If I didn't have so many things to work on right now I might consider starting another one! Saw your Lincoln quilt last night at Jill's. It looks spectacular; even better in person. It was good to lunch with you at the show. Hope Coco doesn't do too much more snacking.

  15. Hi Ann-
    thanks for leaving a comment - what a nice surprise!
    I'm glad you liked the Lincoln quilt -
    it was great seeing you -

  16. WOW!! Just when I thought I found my favorite I'd scroll to see next photo and fall in love all over. That was indeed an amazing quilt show! Loved them all!!

  17. Ahhh, you have me thinking something is wrong with my eyes!

  18. I once had a dog like that. We took him to the pound.

  19. Gorgeous quilts!!

    I really loooove the last one!

    I'm glad Coco didn't eat the needle too!


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