Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Autumn

Happy Friday!
I have been inspired by all the beautiful days we've been enjoying  this fall to do a little outdoor decorating.  Today it's cloudy and we're expecting a nor-easter and winds 40+ miles an hour.

I just love all the different colored and shaped pumpkins around and could not resist these guys.

Congrats Miriam!  You have won the Karen Kay Buckley pattern. Email me your address and I'll mail it out to you.
Isn't it great when you find a bottle of wine that matches your dog?

Any finally - I couldn't resist getting a little Halloween nail art last week with my pedicure.   I can't believe she painted this with a regular nail polish brush.  Hope you do something today that makes you smile.


Janet said...

Don't you have pretty toes! :0) She is very good with her nail brush.
I think you outdoor fall decorating looks wonderful!

Beth said...

Great nail art.
Your outdoor decorating looks so good. Very welcoming.

Sue said...

Those nails are just so much fun- I hope you have some peep toe shoes to show them off.
Love all those pumpkins- Fall decorating is not something most brits have ever gotten into- Except at my house of course. Yours look great.

Crispy said...

What an inviting front entry!! I hope those predicted winds don't mess it up....

No way could I have a pedicure, VERY ticklish on my feet LOL.


antique quilter said...

your front steps look so inviting!
only you would find a bottle of wine to match the puppy!
cute nails how do they ever do that?
amazes me!
Happy Fall! oh the weather has been amazing hasn't it.
wish it was like this all year round, the colors are starting to really peak thru now...

Lynda said...

Love your Halloween decorations. One question - don't the slugs get at the pumpkins, or do they rot or even get stolen? I'm sure if I put a pumpkin by my door, it wouldn't necessarily be there the next day, and we kive in a very respectable neighbourhood!

QuiltSue said...

Love the toe decorations!

Highland Monkey's said...

The colour of your pansies is amazing such a brilliant blue. She must have used a teeny tiny brush to paint your toosie's!

Tonya Ricucci said...

whee, fun toes!!!

Ann Champion said...

Your Autumn vignette is wonderful. I love the variety of pumpkins!
Your little toesies are SO cute! :)

I really enjoyed your woolen pincushions, etc, in the last post. The chick with the cluck beads is darling! :)

Jill said...

I will have to look for that wine, since we have Labs.

Taryn said...

Okay, how mortified do you think my daughter will be if I copy your nail art and show up in Miami sporting Halloween decor on the digits? We are visiting her for the Miami/Maryland football game and Miami's colors ARE orange. Tempting, very tempting.