Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Quilts in the Mill

Here a few more of the quilts that especially liked from the recent Courthouse Quilters, Quilts in the Mill show.  I love this red barn.

Isn't the blue in this quilt charming?  Love the zig zag too :)

I just loved the whimsy of this quilt.  The embroidery was beautiful and each window scene denotes the month of the year.  too cute.

Adorable little doll string bed with hexie quilt.  I would love to find one of these little beds.

oooh, aaahhh

Another little calendar quilt; this time with baskets.

they had a challenge to make a quilt based on a bag.  Either a shopping bag or a gift bag.

I thought this one very, very cool.

This one made me want to hop a flight to Florida and have a froo=froo drink with an umbrella. 

What a beautiful classic quit.

My Moon Flowers are blooming and they are so lovely - they are luminescent.

Happy Wednesday


  1. Ooooh...I LOVE that first quilt. Those zigzags really jump out at you!

  2. Again beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh what nice quilts!!
    The bag chllenge looks really fun and unusual!!

  4. The mill interests me as much as the quilts. I love covered bridges and grist mills. What a great place to have a quilt display.

  5. Thanks for the continued great show! Such nice quilts in a cool venue. And what a treat to get to see moon flower blooms...I've often heard of this plant, but never gotten to see it blooming! What a treat!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. wow. i absolutely love the windowsill quilt. and what a great place for a show.

  7. What wonderful quilts you shared! I especially love the snowball 1930's quilt...wonderful!

  8. i think the "bag" challenge sounds different and interesting and produced some fun quilts~!

    and the 9-patch and snowball finale is awesome~!~

    it's interesting how looking at quilts within a show reveals the (sometimes widely varied) aspects that one likes within the tradition . . .

    the moon flowers are magical. i've heard that they are very fragrant but i can't grow them in my area so i don't know this first hand.

    have a beautiful day.


  9. I really enjoyed looking at these beautiful quilts -- of course, the snowball and 9-patch is just about my favorite pattern, and the mill version is a beauty.

    The bag challenge was such a clever idea, and resulted in some very unique quilts.

  10. Talented quilters! Beautiful quilts! Pretty moon flowers too!

  11. Bellissimo reportage,
    grazie per averci mostrato queste belle trapunte

  12. Oooo such pretty quilts, love the one with the windows a very clever idea :0) I love that you share these quilts, I'm so quilt show starved LOL.


  13. Thanks for your comments Quiltbenaco and Martha -
    You both have settings as "non-reply" but I wanted to thank you for visiting!

  14. What wonderful quilts!! I adore the applique with zigzag sashing - I've looked longingly at the pattern many times - maybe I should just start it :0) The doll bed and quilt are so dear - I've never seen a rope doll bed before. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!
    Love your moon flowers too!

  15. Another great show girl!! Heck...I like them all!!

  16. how fun would that be a bag challenge!
    oh that nine patch is beautiful....
    ah the applique is amazing, the doll bed well I need one of those!
    how I would love to have a red barn, maybe someday! mine would house a quilting studio though!

  17. I've made that first quilt and it's still one of my very favorites. It was in one of the mags a few years back cause I'd made it and had it in our show back in 2008. Love all the others you shared also.

  18. Oh wow, both those red and green quilts are gorgeous with are different and interesting settings. I do like the grey and rust coloured rustic squares too. Thanks for a lovely quilt show!

  19. What a nice selection of quilts.
    I love the first one with the whimsical applique..and the window calendar quilt is really clever.
    The basket calendar one was a free bOm called a Tisket a Tasket. My version hasn't been quilted yet..I'm such a slacker. ;)
    Those Moon flowers are gorgeous!

  20. Lovely quilts. The red and green one is my favourite.

    Gorgeous Moon Flowers.

  21. There are some wonderful quilts there that I could take home. They are fabulous.

  22. More gorgeous quilts .... thanks again for sharing!

  23. Golly gosh what wonderful quilts. I don't know which one I like the best they are all wonderful.

  24. beautiful spot for a quilt show. I like that rectangles quilt too!


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