Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wooly Wooly

A few weeks ago we made little wool house pin cushions.  

It brought to mind some of the fun wool projects I have done in the past and I thought I'd share them.

Penny rug made from my husbands pants that I felted.

Needle case kit that I bought and then spent years making...

That's a lot of pennies...

Jill and I made these while sitting on her pretty porch.  We laughed and laughed trying to make crooked letters.


These are Sue Spargo little birds made into pins.

 My favorite -

Tomorrow I will draw for the Karen Kay Buckley pattern.  If you still want a chance and haven't left a comment yet, you can do that here on this post.


  1. Love the wool items. Who was the pattern for the needle case from. I would love to make that one. Also I have the Sue birds and think as pins they are wonderful

  2. Those are all so pretty Barb. I LOVE that little cluck cluck birdy too -- how clever!

  3. Aww. Puss is adorable - he is a fancy pants indeed!

  4. The kitty cat with man pants is excellent! LOL I love that old Thimbleberries print for the frame...those old ones have been brought back in this year's "Flashback" line -- they are what hooked me on Thimbleberries (though not so much lately! ;-D) and to some extent on quilting back in the day!
    Haven't gotten bitten by the wool bug, yet. I have a small collection of wools, though, just in case! Great show, Barb!
    Mary Lou

  5. I LOVE the cluck cluck legs!! It really made me laugh out loud. Poor hubby, stealing his pants :0) The things we women will do LOL.


  6. Such sweet woolies!!! Gotta love the crooked letters;)

  7. "Cluck" is cute as can be. Would make a cute Christmas gift.

  8. Wool.....ooohhh....I LOVE WOOL and these projects you made are sooo sweet!! I have to say the black cat is my favorite!

  9. You've made some great wool projects! I like the early bird best. What a wonderful memory you have of making it together with your friend Jill.

  10. wonderful and how cute are those birds


  11. I love the birds and the cluck pins. Wool is so great to work with.
    I use my sewing case frequently! But you are so right it took forever to do all those 'pennies'!
    Have a super weekend.

  12. I love those birds, especially with cluck cluck legs. I made your Pumpkin cake today, it's delicious and a keeper, thank you.

  13. oh my~! those little birdy pins are so much fun~!!~LOVE the cluck cluck beaded legs~!!~
    and the pincushion is adoreable too~!


  14. Oh my goodness! Those little bird things are wonderful! And I love your penny sewing kit. Very fun!

  15. Your birds are a riot! They are on my list of things to make. For some reason they make me laugh. Love your blog!


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