Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost and Found

Thank you universe!!
My silver thimble has been missing some 7 or 8 weeks and was found on Saturday!

I was doing my best to stay calm.  I was trying to achieve the zen notion that it was only a piece of silver, that it was an "object", etc.  Inside I was very sad that I had lost a friend that I had spent untold hours quilting with.   Not to mention that it would not be with me for the quilting journey of "Mother's Garden".....

But alas, I had a feeling last week that it was still in the house, and lo and behold while doing some deep vacuuming, it was released from it's hiding place.  I felt like Sarah and the lost coin.  I did the happy dance for several minutes whooping it up.

Of course, you know who I thought did it; miss innocent

I finished setting the second set of selvage string doll quilts.  This was a really fun series to do.  And now to eventually quilt them up.

Which combo do you think was the most successful?  I think I fancy the dark one, no surprise there....

 Closeups of the pretty repro selvages.

Back before the weekend with quilt along update and a tea dying tutorial. 


  1. I love your thimble. Where did you get it?

  2. I'm glad you found your thimble. It looks like a special one indeed. All your selvage quilts are cute, I like the one on the top right the best.

  3. What a great set of little quilts! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.
    I'm so happy you found your thimble. Isn't it funny how we get attached to special things like that?

  4. Glad you found your thimble! There is a comfort factor with one that is long-used. I like brown in quilts, so my fave is the one at top row, right. But they are all appealing.

  5. How to choose which fabulous selvage quilt?!? They are all so cool!

    I love your thimble, too. It's hard to tell, but looks more open and airy, and maybe lighter in weight than what I use. I have a brass Roxanne's thimble that I dropped $60 on many years ago. I do love it, but it is so heavy that it slips off most suddenly at the worst possible times. I usually have to lick my finger before I put it on, which is kind of gross and unsanitary, to provide a little suction. I sometimes gesture with my hands, and recently I was teaching a hand quilting class (and apparently gesturing wildly), making some stupid point. To my horror, my thimble flew off at the speed of light and hit some poor woman in the chest. I was mortified!

    I also think the "finger-lickin'-good" thimble technique led to my gold and silver ones getting discolored on the inside (the gold one even blistered and peeled down to the base metal - ick!!).

    I'd love to know where you bought it!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Breaking in a new thimble is worse than a new pair of shoes...I'm lucky that the best thimble for me is a cheap little tin one that came in a bag of 6! They were cheap and I have extras so of course I will never lose one....

    All the selvage quilts are adorable...of course I love repro!

  7. So glad you found the thimble. Nothing worse than not finding what you are looking for! Your selvedge quilts are great - my favorite is the cheddar one - I kept going back and buying more of that fabric - just love it!

  8. Boy, you've been a busy girl! All that sewing AND you deep vacuumed. I salute you.
    You are making my fingers itch to be quilting. There is something so soothing, and wonderful that happens to my mind when that needle goes in and out.
    I love all your little quilts, but I love the dark one best, too. Michele

  9. I'd be lost without my favourite thimbles too..I have one for sewing and one for quilting and they are perfectly moulded to my chubby fingers! :o)

  10. Glad you found your old friend. I am sure it couldn't be your dear old dog that hid it with a face saying NOT ME.
    Those selvege quilts look pretty good.

  11. They're so pretty!! Now I want to make one too!

  12. I like them all too much to pick a fav. They all work so well. Congrats on your thimble!

  13. ...clapping clapping...yippee on finding your thimble!!!

    Your hand quilting is fabulous...I soooo loved seeing it up close and I appreciate you sharing your marking tools. It's great to see what others use!!! I have some soap slivers too...in fact, some of my slivers are about 35 yrs old and...wow, I had not thought about that until just now...hhhmmmmmm!

  14. I have one just like that! It has a stone of some kind at the top, but just like it! Oh how I'd miss it, so I'm glad you found it... Got mine at s quilt show from a lady, use to call herself the thimble lady, but had to change it when someone copyrighted that name. I csn find the receipt ifnyou ever need another. Can't tell ya how many I bought in search of the perfect one...and these are great! Love how it lets your finger breathe. All those little dimples all around...
    She also got me for a chatelaine... Lol. Yeahp! Pearl necklace with scissor holder, needle threader, place to attsched my thimble, hook to put my glasses, have to get it out and see what all is on it. Lol.
    That was my cash for that show!

    So nice to catch up on your blog today! I love what you are working on now. You always inspire me so. Xo

  15. that thimble is beautiful but the quilt it is on top if is amazing!
    looks great so far!
    ok the brown is great but that red and green...is even better!
    what fun to do a series of quilts
    coco looks so comfy there!
    what a life

  16. Oooh, doesn't that drive you crazy when you can't find something that you know is there? Yipee for finding your thimbles. Love those cute little quilts -- I think the upper right one is my favorite!

  17. I think they all turned out great. Too hard to pick a favorite - maybe the one with green borders. Glad you found your thimble.

  18. At first I didn't even see the thimble because I was so taken with the applique that it's sitting on.
    How elegant.

    I love those selvage quilts. Hard to choose a favorite. I like how you see a Roman numeral "II" in the sashing.
    All those repro selvages look wonderful.

  19. Ahh! you must be relieved to have finally relocated the favourite thimble (it's beautiful by the way) I love how your quilting is turning out. The little selvedge quilts are great - I like the brown one as well.

  20. Glad you found your beautiful thimble. Isn't that a special, happy feeling when you find something that you had thought lost? Know the feeling about "material objects". I remember reading, "don't cry over something that can't cry over you". It comes to mind when I break a vase, or something like that. Anyway...just love those close-up pics of your lovely hand quilting. And, all of the strings are dandy, but I'd have to say the brown is my fave, too!

  21. So glad you found your Thimble, I just bought one like it at the Houston show, don't laugh I don't use a Thimble when quilting but just loved the look of it.

    Maybe I will have another go at using a Thimble.
    Oh I like the Orange and Red little quilts, mind you they are all so cute.


  22. Love these! The brown/tan on the upper right is my fav! How much of the print do you leave on the selvedge when you are cutting these? I will have to try this sometime!

  23. How could you have suspected her? Clearly that face is the face of innocence. Pretty darn sweet, too. Glad you found the thimble. I have to agree with Kathie, my favorite is the red and green. No surprise there.

  24. What a beautiful thimble, I would have been sick over loosing it too!! As much as I love red, the orange really caught my eye :0)


  25. so happy to be back in blogland and what a beautiful set of selvedge edge quilts~!~ love them all but the one that jumped out to hug me was the lower middle cheddar one~!!~

    glad you found your thimble but i canNOT believe that you think that lovely sweet dog had a thing to do with it . . .


  26. Hurrah!! What a relief to find your lost "friend" :0)
    The quilting on your Mother's Garden is looking so wonderful! I especially like the zigzag filler quilting in the green piece.
    To choose a favorite of the strings - I like the orange and the purple.

  27. I'm glad you found the thimble, but really, how could you have thought that innocent little Coco could have taken it?

    Those quilts are all cute, but I think my favourite is the top right hand one with the light tan sashings.

  28. So glad you found your thimble.
    I like the dark one best, but they are all neat looking.

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  30. You certainly went "hog wild" making the selvege edge quilts and I love them all. Especially the one with the brown. I have quite a few edges saved up and may do the same as you soon. I have quite a few edge sewn onto triangles for basket blocks. The coin strips really display the labels to advantage.

  31. I found TJ Lane's site and I'm about to lay down the dough to buy one of these groovy thimbles.

    BTW I'm from Northern New Jersey as well. Love that snow....NOT

  32. I'm so happy you found your thimble. It's maddening when a favorite "tool" like that goes missing.
    I love your selvedge quilts. I may copy your idea at some point? I've started saving them.

  33. Gosh these are so darn cute! How wonderful they are!

  34. From TJ Lane, designer and maker of the lost and found thimble, and admirer of the beautiful little quilts, joy compounded!


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