Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Hooray -
The Brownstone Quilters Raffle Quilt is finished.  Okay, I still have to make a label and get the photos printed, but it's quilted, bound and has a hanging sleeve.

A guild member, Cheryl, quilted it for us.  I love the patterns she used.  Thanks to Pauline's fabulous machines, it washed up beautifully and the drape is wonderful.

I have to get photos printed and I can't really tell which is better;
indoor shot:

Outdoor shot:


I think I'll take both to the photo shop and see which works best there.  Here are close ups of the quilting:

A few months ago I was asked to help my local historical museum with their coverlet and quilts collection.  Tomorrow I will drop off the Documentation Books - whew.  I created documentation for 34 coverlets and quilts.  (I smudged out the names on the front, looks dirty, but isn't).

This weekend is the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.  My quilt, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", was selected to be part of the show.  I dropped it off this morning the gentleman taking in quilts got a real chuckle out of the title.  I'll be around the show on Saturday.   Say hello if you see me, or hello to my quilt if you see it. 

Surely spring is coming.  Today I heard a robin while sipping my coffee, then later saw one while walking coco.  I also found these crocus sprouts under the leaves.

I know it's going to get cold tomorrow, but the sunshine was wonderful today and spring is definitely on it's way - and not soon enough for me and coco.


  1. Your Calico quilt is gorgeous...

  2. Both of quilts are just awesome!

  3. What a gorgeous raffle quilt!! I think the outdoor picture looks a bit brighter. Your friend did some wonderful quilting.
    That documentation project looks really interesting. Can you tell us more? What were the quilts like? Did you get to hands-on study them? Were you putting together information that came with the quilts or finding it yourself?? I know - too many questions.
    How exciting to have your "Super" quilt in the show. It's such an interesting quilt :0)
    Wish there were signs of spring up here. We have several more weeks of winter to look forward to.

  4. Love the raffle quilt, Shame I can't come and buy a ticket. Your quilt is fun and I don't even know how you begain to spell it!
    I to would like to know more about the documentation Project

  5. oh, I wish I was coming to the show to see your quilt!!! you all did a lovely job with the quilt - outdoor shot looks best to me.

  6. Two amazing quilts! The outdoor shot has more crispy and clean look to it.
    That is going to be one lucky winner of this quilt. I love your quilt. I might have to drive out that way to see it in person.

  7. The raffle quilt is gorgeous! I think that the outdoor picture shows more detail. I also wish that I was near so that I could buy some tickets.
    I can hardly wait to see the ribbon that you will surely win for your quilt. Please let us know as soon as the ribbons are awarded.

  8. Wow! The raffle quilt is just wonderful. Thank you for all of your hard work planning, organizing, cutting, distributing, reminding and sewing.
    Cheryl's quilting is terrific.

    I love your "Super..." quilt. I saw it at a quilt show a couple of years ago and loved it then. I'll be at the 'fest, but probably Thursday or Friday, and I'll get to admire it again!

  9. The raffle quilt has turned out wonderful and it looks like you have been very busy.
    Love your quilt.
    Hope spring isn't to far away for you, we are hoping for cooler weather


  10. wish I could go to that quilt show. I'd love to see your awesome quilt in person!

  11. Great job on the raffle quilt! Outdoor shot has clear, bright colors. Indoor shows the quilting. So both are good for different reasons. Your quilt will look wonderful hanging at the show.

  12. The raffle quilt is gorgeous, I'm sure you'll sell a lot of tickets. Wow, you have been busy, have a wonderful time at the show.

  13. the quilts are fabulous~!!~
    love the outer vine around the raffle quilt~!!~

    yiipppeeeeee, the crocus are coming~! we got six inches of fresh snow a few days ago so my little crocus are under there somewhere . . . before it snowed i noticed them just barely poking their tiny green tips up out of the dirt. almost have to use a magnifying glass to see them ~ lol~
    not quite as far along as yours but definately making an appearance.


  14. Your raffle quilt looks wonderful, both indoors and out. The documentation books look like an intriguing project. Is there a binder for each quilt? And your super quilt is, well, super. It just reminds me that I have that on my quilts I want to make. Congrats for getting in the show. Yep, I just noticed some little sprouts this morning too. Spring might just come after all!

  15. The outdoors photo is brighter than the indoors one. Love the quilt.

  16. Oh, I do so love them both!!

  17. The guild quilt is awesome! It turned out really nice and was worth all the effort.
    It reminded me to pull out the pattern for the Calico Garden Quilt. You've inspuired me to consider starting this one- but with bigger then 3" blocks!

    I look forward to seeing photos of Quilt fest. Love your quilt!

  18. Wow -- both the raffle quilt and your quilt are gorgeous! I definitely like the outdoor shot the best -- the color is better from where I sit. You do Gorgeous Work!!!

  19. The raffle quilt is just wonderful, I would love to buy tickets...hugs

  20. Yes I heard and saw the robins and cardinals on my front lawn yesterday, I am ready for spring now!
    I am going to HAVE to come down to the quilt show now my favorite quilt will be on display!
    Can't wait to buy tickets for the raffle quilt, its such a beauty.
    What a nice project creating the documentation for the Historical Museum will they consider having a show of the quilts?
    I would love to see them too!

  21. The raffle quilt looks every bit as good as I thought it would.

    Are you sure the guy taking the quilts in was really laughing at Super's name, or was he really groaning and wondering "how the heck do I spell that"?

    As for the documentation programme, that must have been so interesting to be involved in something like that.

  22. The raffle quilt is just awesome. I probably said that last time you posted it, but it is just plain true!!! You guys will sell a ton of tickets with that. Goodness a quilt show sounds nice right about now, a perfect way to escape the winter blahs!

  23. Love your quilts! Outdoor shot looks best to me. I'd also like to hear more about the documentation project. Have fun at the show!

  24. WOW the quilt is wonderful!! I like the outdoor shot too. I'm sure it will raise a LOT of money :0)

    The documentation project looks like it was quite an undertaking. The museum is going to love the work you put into it.


  25. Great quilts! Wish I could make it up the road for the show...

    We have daffodils all over the yard today and the trees have started blooming - spring is here in the South!

  26. That's a beautiful quilt! Love your super...docious quilt too.

    I'm curious about the quilt/coverlet documentation. Could you tell me what information you've included?

  27. You are too much!!! We must meet one day....
    Goodness, gracious woman, you amaze me! Thesee quilts are so beautiful! Im going home now to "do something"!
    Your style is unique and everything id love to be one day. Thanks for sharing your work with us and i know everyone will love seeing your work in person!!! I cant imagine! Great job! Xo

  28. What a beautiful quilt! Would love to be the lucky winner!

  29. The raffle quilt is gorgeous! It should bring a lot of money?

    Congrats on your quilt being entered into the show! I love that quilt.

    I was just reading a documention book of Wisconsin quilts last night. I love those..but there weren't many pics that were close and showed the fabric prints. How fun it must have been to be a part of the project!

  30. I would be buying mass amounts of tickets and stuffing that ballot box for a chance to win this raffle quilt. It's absolutely stunning.

    I also love, love, love the Super... quilt. It makes me want to pull out all my vintage coloring books to search for simple applique patterns.

  31. Thanks Martha!
    I'll be doing a raffle ticket give away so stay tuned.
    If you make a figurative applique' quilt I hope you'll share a photo of it with me :)
    thanks for visiting (you are a non-reply, so hopefully you'll see this note.

  32. Both of these quilts are amazing!! I'll be looking at them again and again.

  33. Holy eye candy, Batwoman! Those are some gorgeous quilts. Do you get ANY sleep or do you just go like the Energizer Bunny? Michele

  34. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see those sprouts pop up. They never fail to appear right when I am disparing that winter will never end. The raffle quilt is just great! I hope to get a chance to buy some tickets. What was the inspiration for the quilt you entered in the NJ show? I like it a lot. Finally, would you be willing share a little more of your work on documenting the quilts? I like the way you have things organized and would like to do something like that for my own quilts. Okay, enough!

  35. Both are wonderful quilts! Lots of work and planning. Your SuperC quilt is awesome! And it looks like a great job on the Documentation! Busy girl!

  36. Congratulations! I understand your quilt won a ribbon. You are amazing.

  37. Where can I buy a ticket for that gorgeous raffle quilt..or is it too late? And congratulations on your win.

  38. I'm new to your blog--I love your quilts! The raffle quilt fabrics and colors are perfect. I love hand applique tho haven't done as much lately.
    Your Super....quilt makes me smile. And the ideas, motifs and workmanship are superb. I'm sure I've seen antiques similar to this and have thought of trying one, but didn't feel I had the right sense of design to do it justice-but you did it perfectly. Thanks for showing your quilts to us.

  39. The raffle quilt is amazing! Congratulations to all involved in creating such a wonderful quilt!!

    Being involved in documenting quilts for a museum must have been fascinating.

    Spring is not far away!


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