Monday, March 26, 2012

A Finish and A Start

Hooray, I finished my Olympic Star.  I started this in the Summer of 2008 to commemorate the Olympic Games in Beijing.  I thought the date worthy of commemorating.

here is a close up of some of the hand quilting

The back; need to make a label!

The quilting.  Almost looks like a white work quilt from the back.

I had a great time playing with my red and white fabric on the retreat.

Here I am playing with my new strip stick that I purchased at the Lancaster Quilt show.  You can read more about it and see a demo by clicking here.  It's called a strip stick and it works great and it's made by the nicest couple.  I highly endorse it.

So, I finally started Hanna's first Miami of Ohio Red and White quilt.

I drafted the house in 2 sizes, 9" and 10" finished.  I decided on the 9" house block.  I'm using 1 and 2 chimney versions.

Under construction.  I finished one block to make sure that the paper pieced roof section would fit the other strip pieced section.  Hooray, it works!

And here is an example of sewing it to the wrong side resulting in a backwards roof - doh!  I used it to rough cut the pieces for the others.

And I guess that the old adage is true; the early bird does get the worm....or a quiet sewing room.  This was our work room. We had about 30 women on the retreat and it was so FUN.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. the quilting looks great! I have always wanted to make one of those star quilts.
    House block looks good, will the quilt be all houses?
    How do you like your iron?

  2. congrats on the finish of a beautiful quilt!

  3. Congrats on finishing the Olympic quilt!!
    The red and white hosue is going to be wonderful!!

  4. Oh Barb, your quilting is so gorgeous! What a great finish. I'm so excited to watch your R&W quilt in progress -- it's going to be a beauty!

  5. Beautiful finish! Your quilting is inspiring. Guess I'll have to pick up the needle again.

  6. Gorgeous quilt .... as always from you! :o) Love those r&w houses!

  7. Beautiful quilting! Your quilts are always gorgeous in every detail.

    How is the new Rowenta working out? Love it or like it?

  8. Your Olympic quilt is stunning and your hand quilting is beautiful! It looks like you all had a great time at the retreat. I like how the tables are set up. Does it leave enough room to sew?
    Your red and white houses is such a lovely classic pattern. It will make your daughter think of home!

  9. I love your star quilt...the quilting is so individual. I know you will have fun with the house quilt...ANY kind of house...pieced or my favorite. That strip stick looks interesting...hmmm...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  10. a finish is always cause for celebration and that hand quilting is gorgeous~i especially LOVE seeing the back~!

    those little houses look like they're coming right along. classic pattern and color choice . . . your daughter is going to love it~!


  11. Your Olympic quilt looks great. I love the quilting om it. You could have put 2012 on it and everyone would have been so impressed that you had it made in time for this summer!

  12. A fabulous star quilt for the Beijing Olympics - beautiful work!
    Really enjoyed your blog - so much eye the new header with the bird and that striped fabric you used for the vines is perfect! Then that little peek at the tiny blocks on your table runner - everywhere I look - fun things...gotta go check out that strip stick too!

  13. Love your new header! :)
    Your Olympic quilt is wonderful! Stunning quilting! Congratulations on the finish.
    The house blocks look like fun! (I cut a couple of backward roof pieces for my house blocks too! Lol)

  14. Olympic Star is FABULOUS! Might you do another quilt for the London games?
    I used paper piecing for the roofs on my houses, too - works like a charm.
    Looks like a lot got done at that retreat!

  15. Your hand quilting is lovely, as always.
    The iron looks shiny and new. How's it working out for you? A spotless, flawless performance, I hope.

    Impressive projects, every single one.

  16. Hey Barb,
    The quilt looks stunning! The back looks amazing.You are a super quilter. I have been out of the reading loop lately:(
    And, look what I missed! Hope you had a great time at the retreat.
    More later:)

  17. Your quilting is fabulous. I love to see your back - it's as beautiful as the front. I always chicken out and use a busy print for backs - worried my stitches aren't good enough on the back.
    I have to say I LOVE your new header picture. That big swirl quilted in dark thread is so very wonderful.
    I look forward to watching your progress with the houses :0)


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