Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun For Friday - Mega Fun

Happy Friday!

This week I changed my snowman quilt in the hall for this fun free pieced house quilt I made in 2005.

I bought Mega ball lottery tickets on Tuesday - that was fun.  I didn't win.

I made Ba-Hanna bread to send to my daughter at college.  Hanna loves banana bread, so I've renamed it in her honor at our house.

We've tried a lot of recipes but this one is our new favorite.  It's from All (which has a wonderful iPad app) click here for recipe.  I decided to make 2 loaves.  I use 2 bowls to keep things straight.

I think the secret is the fact that the bananas are sliced, not mashed and it also has sour cream - delicious!

Since I was making 2 loaves, I decided to try one with Splenda baking blend for me.  It is a blend of sugar and sweetener.  The batter looks the same.

But wait; it didn't bake the same.

After a few minutes of cooling, I had a big sink hole in my loaf.

I carved around it and I have to say that it tastes great.  I lost quite a bit of loaf in the middle, but the rest was good.

It was fun to buy flowers for a vase that I won at the White Elephant exchange at the retreat.  It was my friend Margarets, which makes even more special to me.

For mega fun, I bought another set of mega lottery tickets for tonights drawing.  You have to play to win, right?

Have a fun weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for the recipe link Barb -- I'm always looking for a good banana bread recipe -- I LOVE banana bread too and I'm thinking it may have a new name in our house, now that you mention it.
    I'm so excited about your lottery ticket -- now we'll be able to stand together in the winners circle LOL!

  2. Nice post! Love your pretty vase--very special.

  3. Cheerful House quilt, and the flower vase is so pretty. Fresh and spring-y at your home!

  4. I'm just here to burst your bubble. I bought lottery tickets too and I know I'm going to win the 540,000,000! : )

  5. If your the winner it definetly will be a happy Friday! Your vase just made me smile. How fun is that.

  6. Love your house quilt! The dice in the garden seem to go with your lottery fun. Good luck!

  7. XXXXXXXX! Those are my fingers crossed for you to win the
    lottery! Just think how much fabric you could buy...LOL

    :) Carolyn

  8. the bread looks delicious~!
    good luck on the lottery drawing.


  9. You gotta be in it to win it - absolutely!
    You could open a retreat for quilters...

    Love the post - ba-hanna bread, flowers - such fun.

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  11. "Fun" is a great way to describe your wonderful quilt!
    Thanks for the tip on the IPad app - I love the internet for recipes.
    Good luck with the lottery.

  12. Those are just my kind of colors in your house quilt! Did you get a new header? Really like it too. Fun times at your house!

  13. BaHanna Bread, What a fabulous name!! Buying lotto tickets is buying dreaming time. Sometimes I wont get a ticket checked so I can dream a little longer about what i'd like. My dream's pretty simple, enough money so I have less work and more playing in my sewing room. Oh and I'd fly over to the US for a sewing day with my favourite bloggers. That vase is so fabulously quirky!!


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