Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Thank you everyone for your thoughtful Birthday wishes!

Today I'm sharing some handmade gifts that I was so fortunate to have received:

Jill made this wonderful Eagle Jubilee quilt based on a Lori Smith pattern.  My family's initials are included in the stars.  I love the Jubilee banner.

I love this backing!  It includes landmarks from Rich's work neighborhood, Columbus Circle.

Susan made this cute cupcake quilt with our photo in the center.  Love that pink border.  These pieces are tiny!

another fabulous backing!

What a surprise!  Rachael sent me this iPad cover as a Random Act of Kindness after I gushed and gushed about hers.  Little did she know it came right before my Birthday - Thanks Rachael.

She selected fabrics of absolutely everything that I love!  My friends would think I did it that is how perfect it is for me.  I am envious of her fabrics.  LOVE the bird.

Love this typewriter-

And an adorable print inside with accessories of all kinds.

Sheila made this tiny, tiny quilt.  The squares about 1 inch.

It commemorative of our visit to the exhibit in NYC last year.

She also sent some great nine patches for an on going project.

Okay, this isn't handmade by Mary Pat, but someone made it out of antique buttons.  I love it - it has a bird and eagle!!

My junk food lunch buddy, Norma, made this adorable pink ceramic tree.  I collect these and had asked her whether they are still available to make and she surprised me with a finished one.

One of my favorite Christmas movie lines is Lucy saying "Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink".

With all the well wishes, emails, FB posts and gifts, my Jubilee Goblet runneth over.  Thank You Everyone!

I'll be back soon to show you the 2 large quilts I received and the 2 antique quilts I purchased.


  1. How fun!! What wonderful tokens of your friendship!!

  2. What lovely, lovely gifts!! The Eagle quilt is fabulous - the fabrics are wonderful! What great birthday presents :0)

  3. Happy belated birthday -- it looks like you have some very nice friends

  4. Yee Haw, what cute 'stuff'!!! What talented and crafty friends you have my dear!

    Happy belated Birthday! How much better could your day have been....mucho macho champagne, a crown to make you feel all prissy and special whilst prancing in that fabulous Mad Men dress!!

    ......great tatoo......

  5. Your friends really show their love for you - fabulous gifts all!

  6. Treasured friends are wonderful, you have many. Happy belated birthday, BARB!!

    :) Carolyn

  7. Happy belated birthday! You look great and have such talented and generous friends. I hope you'll celebrate all year. Wishing you another joyous 50 years!!

  8. Great gifts you lucky girl! I love Rachael's Ipad cover so very Mad Men!

  9. Great gifts! Love all the fabrics on the ipad cover!

  10. oh how nice beautiful little quilts and I love that bracelet , very unique. Pink tree!!!! this cracked me up!!!

  11. LOVE the IPAD cover I have actually been thinking about making one for mine....
    the fun fabrics make it even better!
    how kind of Rachel

  12. Happy Birthday! 50 is such a great age to be. I know you will enjoy it all year!

  13. Wonderful gifts, every one, but I can't get those fantastic BACKING fabrics out of my mind. Whimsical and fun and maybe even unpredictable--those are my favorite kinds to see when I turn a quilt over.

    You lucky lady! Such special goodies to celebrate your special day.
    Looking forward to seeing the 2 large quilts and the purchases.

  14. All your gifts are so special and so you!! Such amazing little quilts and that button bracelet is so beautiful. The pink Christmas tree cracked me up!! It's brilliant!!

  15. A belated happy birthday! You certainly had some great presents - I particularly like the fabrics on the iPad cover - I'm a real sucker for novelty prints, and they are very special.

  16. Wow -- what a wonderful birthday you've had Barb! Those quilts and iPad cover are just perfect!

  17. Well are always so generous to all of your friends and others, it is totally appropriate that you should be gifted with nice things on your "special" birthday!!! It looks like there are so many wonderful novelty fabrics out there. I need to keep my eyes open for some of them thar Keep the birthday celebration going as long as you


  18. You received some wonderful birthday gifts. The eagle quilt would make me very, very happy. And such interesting backs on the quilts. I do remember that you put surprise backings on your quilts.

  19. you have quite the generous fan club Barb~!



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