Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun For Friday - I'll Have Another

**added at 5pm-
I'll Have Another has been scratched from the race tomorrow due to a swollen tendon :(
He has officially retired from racing.
I'm very sad for him and for history**

I love pageantry, tradition and historical events and it could all be coming our way tomorrow at the Belmont Stakes.

I'll Have Another has an opportunity to achieve one of the highest awards in sports; the Triple Crown.

Here is the trophy -

There have only been 11 Triple Crown Champions, and none since 1978~ that's 35 years I've been waiting for this.  The last chance was 4 years ago with Big Brown.

Here are the jockey silks worn by the champions.

Here is what we'll be rooting for!

My lunch buddy, Norma, took me out for a "fancy" Birthday lunch at Rutt's Hut, a NJ dive thats been around for about 65 years.

here is the take out shop-

Here is the "fancy dining room" entrance-

Here on the east coast they serve "rippers", which are deep fried hot dogs.  Another heart healthy and totally satisfying lunch!

Have a great weekend everyone and root for I'll Have Another and history in the making.

I declare that if he does it, I will create a commemorative quilt to celebrate!


  1. My kind of restaurant!
    Those jockey silks pictures look like they could be a piece of fabric. Have you seen the site where you scan in your own designs and order a piece of fabric with it printed on it?

  2. Wonderful post, Barb! We will be rooting for "I'll have another", too!

    Fried HD's, oh my!

    Have a great weekend.

    :) Carolyn

  3. Fried hot dogs? I have never had one! I will be voting for the polka dot jersey!!
    Those jerseys would make a cool quilt!

  4. Great post! Hope the horse wins because I'd love to see that quilt...

  5. The Thoroughbred industry would receive a great boost with a Triple Crown winner. Here's hoping!

  6. Now that you brought it to my attention about the upcoming race, I'll be watching and rooting.
    Loved your restaurant choice!

  7. I remember rooting for Big Brown and will do the same for I'll Have Another. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Still get weepy eyed when watching Secretariat break that record at the Belmont & take the crown.

    Did you always want a horse when growing up? I did!

    Would love to see I'll Have Another win tomorrow - it's been too long.

    Those hot dogs look absolutely sinful & I bet you enjoyed every morsel!!

  9. Sorry to say that I'll Have Another will not be running, bum leg. Darn anyway. I was hoping for a Triple Crown Winner too!

  10. great name but unfortunately he's already out of the race.

    eeeee gads~! that food looks tasty but you do want to live longer than the first 50 years, don't you~!?!


  11. I'd be betting on the red and white polka dot jockey, I can't resist polka dots. But good luck to I'll Have Another!!! Those hot dogs look sooo good!! I'd have another of those!!

  12. I'd love the visit that restaurant--nothing like local places to whet the appetite. Love those hot dogs. I'm actually a hot dog fangirl, but only have them when I go out to places--don't want to keep them around in the fridge!

    I heard the news about I'll Have Another this afternoon--so sad. I was rooting for a Triple Crown winner, too.

    Elizabeth E.

  13. When we lived in Kearny we went to Rutt's Hut all the time. We've been in Florida for 14 years now, your post, especially the picture of the Rippers, ummmm a little taste of home! Thanks..
    Barb :)

  14. That fancy restaurant meal looks wonderful.

  15. You're too funny! I was very sad to hear about I'll Have Another too, but glad you're out of having to make commemorative quilt LOL. And look at the cluster of winners in the 70's -- I remember Secretariat and Seattle Slew, but Affirmed is no where to be found in my data banks!

  16. Margaret FarabaughJune 11, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    You know you were about 5 minutes from my house when you were at Rutts Hut. We used to sneak out of high school and go there for lunch many, many, years ago.

    Enjoy all your festivities and have another great 50 years.



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