Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As The Iron Steams - Season 2 Premier

I can't believe it!  I've had to lay another iron to rest.  It was only 8 months old.  You can see the first installments of the serial HERE and HERE.

In order to provide full transparency, I must admit that I dropped the old one.  I was concentrating on my pressing and thought I was over the board..... It seemed fine at first, but I fear it was just stunned.  In no time it was leaking all over :(

All I could think is "I don't deserve nice things".  So I bought a cheap iron this time.  So far we are getting along just fine.

I've made progress on my storm at sea.  I'm shocked how long it takes to make such a tiny quilt.

Here is a photo to show the scale -

I've sent these blocks to Beth for her House Swap.
There is still time to participate.  Deadline is January 1st. 

This is my "girls just wanna have fun house"

She is also collecting 12 1/2" blocks for charity quilts.

With so many things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving I want to take a moment to thank all my blog friends and readers who leave me nice comments, words of encouragement, and who have also shared their inspiration with me.

Happy Thanksgiving U.S. friends, and thanks to friends everywhere!


  1. I can see that those little pieces would take time. Little pieces are harder to handle and get lined up just right. The results you have thus far show that you are doing a fine job of accomplishing that. Are you trimming the seams? I know that some people do that when they make mini quilts with a lot of seams.

  2. I am so frustrated by irons these days. Even expensive ones don't last more than a year for me. I got lucky last year and bought an old, but unused Rowenta. I had the same model for many years before I couldn't get it clean (from the inside). With this one, I don't put water in it, so am hoping it will last a while.

  3. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Barb! I appreciate your friendship!!
    I love my cheaper iron.....

  5. 'Storm at Sea' is yummy! Thanks for sharing your talent - Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Your tiny quilt is looking great! Oh, the iron story. My current one just started dribbling for no apparent reason. I have another one waiting in the wings, though, should this one completely fail.

  7. Irons! So frustrating! After several such incidences, I now buy the cheap, steam versions and actually keep a spare new one in the closet for emergency replacement. With my most recent, I have started using only distilled water in it, to delay the inevitable spitting. It has made a difference, I think.
    Happy Thanksgiving! (And I love your tiny, teeny, Halloweeny quilt!)

  8. I received your house blocks yesterday. Thank you SO much for the blocks and the little gift! You are TOO kind. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your storm at sea is a brilliant little quilt. I love it!

  9. Small blocks take the same amount of time to piece as large blocks - almost. But once they are put together, the small quilt goes fast. I just might make a house block. I'll think about it. Good luck with the new iron and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Your little quilt is coming along great! I switched to a "cheap" iron years ago...of course after switching I no long drop it and it seems to like our hard water just fine...six years old and still working hard...go figure!

  11. never in my lifetime would I have thought to make a 'haloween' storm at sea, but yours is amazing! the colors really show off the pattern and your fine sewing skills. very impressive! love following your work!

  12. That is a very stunning little Halloween Storm at Sea. That is a time consuming pattern even on a large scale, I think. Making it small just makes precision more necessary, so it gets even harder. : )
    Are you paper piecing it?

  13. had to smile my rowenta stopped steaming this week I need to go buy a new one maybe I should just go cheap too I love the iron but having to buy a new one at least once a year is getting old.
    LOVE those turkeys, they just made me smile!
    its amazing how little quilts take as much time as big ones I think sometimes, this one is intricate I am not surprised
    looks great though...keep going.
    Happy THanksgiving and enjoy your family together this weekend

  14. When my Rowenda died an early death, I took it back and they gave me a refund! I bought another one and same thing. Took it back, got my money, and I bought a Black & Decker. I liked it but it never got very hot whereas my Rowenta would scorch the fabric if I wasn't careful. When the B&D started to leak a bit, I bought a Shark (about $70 at WalMart)and it is wonderful!! I've had it over one year, it's a bit heavy but that has helped my biceps,and it only spits if I grab it fast and jerk it over the fabric. Just a little burp but not a leak. Hope you are successful as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you - I am thankful for all the help and inspiration the blogs give me!!

  15. Oh the scale if that tiny Storm At Sea! Love your piecing & admire your patience!!

    "They just don't make 'em like they used to" - irons especially. I am on my 3rd Rowenta but decided from the start to not put water in it. I use it dry & keep a spray bottle of water next to it along with my supply of Best Press. The iron doesn't get as hot as I would like but this 3rd one has lasted longer than the other 2. My little Black & Decker travel iron gets far hotter. Go figure

  16. Our irons get a good work out that's for sure!It's good to see you give yours had a good send off with the little Day of the Dead figures. My ironing board collapsed when I was ironing the other day. I managed to prop it up again but I think I'll be getting a new one soon. Your little stormy quilt is really something special. It's so small it's almost a storm in a tea cup. Wonderful house blocks, I haven't sent mine yet. That turkey display is very cool!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thank you for your wonderful blog posts full of fun, inspiration and wonderful eye candy, and your bloggy friendship!!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving. I do not blog anymore but I enjoy reading yours. I am glad you do not whine on your blog. Sorry about the iron, I have had the same one a long time and am grateful. Although it is heavy....I do not put water in it.

    I like your halloween quilt, it is funny how things on a design wall prior to being sewn seem so much bigger.

    Great Turkey Decorations

  18. woah, I had no idea the halloween quilt is so small. aiyeee. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the pond. I will be celebrating too. I have an American next door neighbour so I'm going to my first ever thanksgiving dinner.
    Very appropriate you are doing a storm at sea after Sandy payed you a visit.

  20. P..S shame your has gone off to the grave yard. All irons work.

  21. I remember the story of your iron from last time! I agree with someone who said, "They just don't make them like they used to." I hope your new one lasts longer than this one.
    That Sandy quilt is tiny! You have patience my friend. It looks amazing with all that movement. How big is it going to be?
    Have a wonderful holiday. Hope your days will be stuffed with sewing projects.

  22. I did not realize how small that quilt is! the fussy cuts are great.
    I found an Oreck iron for $6 that if great and also have a Black a Decker that has awesome steam.

  23. I think the problem is you are clearly doing too much ironing! always a problem...
    Love your little "storm at sea" and no wonder it is taking a while - the pieces are tiny! The colours are wonderful together - really sings.
    Happy quilting
    Every Stitch

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too! I have enjoyed getting to "know" you this year through blogging.

    Your little storm at sea is awash in color and charm. ;)

    I am at my wits end with my iron too - but keep forgetting to go out and replace it. I just use it dry and spritz water instead of doing the steam part. No more Rowenta irons for me.

    Picked up a used copy of an AQS magazine today and recognized your pink "Mother's Garden" quilt right away and thought to myself, "I know who made that!" and then saw your picture next to it. Wonderful quilt, nice write up about it and award too. :)


  25. Sorry about your iron. I've dropped mine a few times, but it survived. Good luck with your new one.
    The challenge of working with small units - looks great though. Such cheerful charity and swap blocks. Thanks for sharing your quilting adventures!

  26. Oh dear - they can put a man on the moon but they can't make drop proof irons! Ok - I've done that too and now buy cheap irons. I love the progress on your Storm at sea - wow those are small blocks! I like your vintage turkey cards - they don't make cards like they used to either.

  27. that tiny storm at sea is incredible~!!~LOVE all of the fussy cutting cuteness~!

    have a fabulous thanksgiving Barb.

  28. The Halloween quilt is wonderful - I'm envious of your patience to work with those tiny pieces! I always enjoy seeing your Thanksgiving decorations - thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  29. Happy Thanksgiving Barb! I gave up on expensive irons two irons ago. They started leaking after a few months. Now I look for the less expensive brands, just like the ones my mother used back in the day.

  30. I thought all iron problems were solved when I bought a Rowenta. Not true. About 2 weeks before the warranty was up (1 year?), it started leaking. Returned it and got a replacement -- not the iron I had sent in (I knew its scars and nicks), but no doubt somebody else's fixed up version. That one worked another year, then more leaking. I've stopped putting in water, and it's OK, but as someone else complained above, it gets TOO hot. Have to dial it down. For moisture now, I spritz my fabric.

    Your Storm at Sea is gorgeous! Those small-scale quilts take time to be so precise.

  31. You are too funny - I LOVE your post title! I bought an olisio after my last Rowenta only lasted 2 years. It's ok. I just don't think they make irons like they used to. I've always thought little quilts take almost as long as big ones - technically, you're sewing the same number of seams - they're just shorter. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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