Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun For Friday - FRANKENSTORM!! and a Feline Rebellion

Happy Friday!
I just finished my Sandy commemorative quilt; Frankenstorm.

I quilted it with a spiral - what else?

It was fun to pick these tiny fussy cuts.  They are 3/4"

The backing has a FQ of this Peanuts "Great Pumpkin" print that I have had for years and years.  I have no idea where I picked it up.

I wish I knew why Linus is having a converstion with himself in the upper left hand corner.  Seems like a weird misprint, very funny.

Here is a photo to show scale.  It is 21" x 21".

On a recent trip to NYC I picked up this fun christmassy fabric from City Quilter.

I made up some quick Kleenex covers with it.

My coco seems to get all the face time here, but we also live with two sweet cats; Starbuck and Luna.  They delivered a harsh reprimand about never being mentioned, so here is their moment.

A quilt I made in 2005 for my daughter.

Starbuck seems appeased.

Have a Wonderful weekend!


  1. Your Frankenstorm is a positive and delightful tribute to "Sandy". The color gradation and fussy cutting makes the design awesome. I love the backing too, Poor Linus.

  2. Love your quilt the little cornerstones and the colors are perfect for the quilt.
    Ok the little gnomes are just adorable! love that fabric too cute, very nice gifts.
    fun kitty quilt, your DD must have a wonderful collection of little quilts from mom

  3. I think the dark line going through the middle is very appropriate for the long dark days you had with out power! It turned out so cool and now you are ahead of the game for halloween next year.
    The City Quilter is a great store, love those little elfs

  4. yay!!!! that SAS is so amazing and amazingly small. hi kitties!

  5. Great little quilt and that backing fabric is adorable!

  6. The Frankenstorm is just wonderful - you have such a unique eye for gathering fabrics for these kinds of quilts and then using them at the right time. The backing is perfect too. Great quilt. Cute gnome covers too.

    Look at the first photo, then the second, Luna looks like she is saying to Starbuck, "Hey stupid, they where looking at ME - not you!"

    Judy :)

  7. The new Christmas fabric reminds me of Lori's Sven that she keeps showing pictures of since her birthday.
    Love the Peanuts fabric you backed your quilt with. You always have the best stuff to use for quilt backs.

  8. The quilt is amazing! Love the back panel. Your kitties are pretty darn cute too!

  9. I can answer your Linus question. That's little brother "Rerun VanPelt".

    Rerun is most often shown riding in the baby seat on the back of their Mom's bike.

    In this panel Linus is educating Rerun on the existence of The Great Pumpkin. :)

  10. A spiral is the PERFECT quilting for Frankenstorm. It is a fabulous little quilt! The backing print is very fun as well. :0)

  11. Frankenstorm is great! What color thread did you use?
    The Charlie Brown panel is darling!! Linus is talking to himself. I do that all the time! lol

  12. PS, Love the gnome fabric too!!

  13. Frankenstorm is so awesome! I love the little fussy cuts! And your sweet, but annoyed, kitties are adorable! lol

  14. Frankenstorm is a great piece - the fussy cutting and the story...Maybe Linus has an alter ego he's talking to.
    Love the gnome fabric. So good to have the cats in good graces - with a tree going up and all - cats have a way...

  15. Frankenstorm is incredible. Those little fussy-cuts are perfect! And what an appropriate quilting pattern! : )
    Little gnomes to guard your tissues--love 'em!

  16. love mini quilts,that is how I started quilting, one little quilt at a time.
    Your spiral quilting always looks fabulous......was it hard to learn how to do it so perfectly?
    I'm still laughing over the place setting complete with candle for your dog on Thanksgiving. By the way your Thanksgiving table looked so inviting, I think you would have made Martha jealous!

    Happy Sewing

  17. Oh my goodness! Only you can work with such tiny pieces! I am amazed at your prolific self! Linus.. Wonder what he is up to! I love the fabric you picked up at city quilter. That alone calls for a trip to NY soon. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  18. Great quilt! I didn't know that Lucy and Linus had a younger brother either. Maybe Linus is teaching ReRun all about the Great Pumpkin?

    Like your cats but somehow I don't think Luna (the black one) is appeased yet!

    1. I forgot to add this to my comment - Perhaps Luna has heard a rumor about Coco's Thanksgiving dinner!

  19. I LOVE Frankenstorm! It's fabulous! My husband came in just now and was really impressed by it as well. Hopefully not too much because I'm a terrible piecer and I'm scared of storms!

  20. The quilt looks fantastic but am not convinced that you are back in your cats' favor...

  21. "Frankenstorm turned out great" - I especially appreciate the spiral quilting! Having a sense of humor about what Mother Nature can dish out definitely helps as a coping mechanism.
    Oh my - Starbuck and Luna are so lucky to have their own quilt! I shall have to make sure my cat Moxie does not see this or she will pester ~me~ for a quilt of her own. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  22. Great looking quilt!

    I love the Christmas fabric you got at City Quilter. I might have to make a run over there for a "look see".

  23. I didn't even know you had cats! I'm allergic or I'd have one or two as well. Frankenstorm turned out great! Oh, yes - the spiral quilting was the only way to go. The cat quilt is fun, too. Love the fabric you used for Starbuck.

  24. beautiful cats~! and it's fun that you have created a little quilt featuring them.

    the frankenstorm quilt is wonderful and until i seen it with the rotary cutter and sewing machine i really didn't have a good idea of just how small it is. perfect backing too~!~you do seem to have a knack for that.

    those little kleenex covers are very cute~!


  25. I gasped with delight when I saw your new header, then fell off my chair when I saw your finished Frankenstorm quilt. That big black border is so perfect and so is the spiral quilting. The little fussy cuts are so impossibly teeny weeny. The backing is brilliant too. This is an all round super duper with a cherry on top quilt. Hi Starbuck and Luna, so lovely to meet you!!

  26. A terrific quilt - everything about it just works so perfectly !
    Love the backing & Charlie's little vampire teeth.
    Will you do a label including the significance of making it?

  27. So glad you finished - it's so little! And I love the kitty quilt :).

  28. The quilt is wonderful ...the back is wonderful...glad thought that you put in the rotary cutter...because I thought the quilt was much much bigger.

  29. Your quilt turned out so wonderful!!
    Beautiful cats too.

  30. Wow -- those pieces are tiny. And that quilt is adorable -- what a fun finish! Waving hello to Starbuck and Luna -- from Scruff and PaulKitty!

  31. Your kleenex covers are so fun. What a neat gift that would make. And how nice to see Starbuck and Luna. What a charming pair!


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