Thursday, October 22, 2015

Civil War Wonderfulness

Of course I know that the Civil War was NOT wonderful.  Having said that, it has provided our country with an indelible historic saga of struggle, heartache, loss and ultimately redemption and pride.  I have a strong passion for all aspects  of Abe Lincoln and the Civil War and the quilts that were created during this time.

Here is my quilt:  Thane of Cawdor (from Macbeth) made in 2006.  Many of these blocks were swapped with friends in Illinois.
And my latest:  Reconciliation - made with last years FunWithBarb swap.
On my recent trip to the Garden State Quilters, Barbara presented me this copy of a piece created by her grandfather, Stan Bower, in 1930.  When she was in grade school these were passed out to every student on Presidents Day.  I am overwhelmed to have such a lovely gift.  This is Hand Lettered folks!  I intend to frame and display it in my home.
Here is a link to her blog where she posted about a special civil war quilt and go here to read about her grandfathers Lincoln artwork.

Last Saturday, the American Quilt Study Group, New England Region, had a study day the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA.  It was a wonderful day of civil war history.   We enjoyed a lecture, admired the special Sesquicentennial quilt exhibit and shared show and tell.  We also discussed the 2017 AQSG Seminar, which will be in New Hampshire.

Here are lots of photos from the day - I am so sorry that I have not included the names of those photographed.

It was so wonderful to have some of the quilt makers in attendance to tell us about their quilts.
Show and tell - a small sampling.  When I'm ogling, I forget to photograph.
Bonus - I met fellow blogger and BB SIATW Cynthia of wabi-sabi quilts!

It was a great day filled with new quilting friends and lots of inspiration.....then this happened.  The Barb Mobile needed a new battery - STAT.  My hybrid was totally dead.
After a little hand sewing in the car, Mr. AAA came and fixed me right up with a brand new battery.  AAA is a traveling girls best friend.
Viewer Mail (again)
I have been overwhelmed with kindnesses!  Thank you Nancy, Debbie and Lori
Laurie, Diane and Rondi
Thank you all for your sweet surprises and thoughtfulness.  I'm sure my mailman wonders just what is going on around here.

Finally - a special thank you to all the GSQ members who came out for dinner, the lecture and workshop.   It was a treat to see so many quilt friends!


  1. Your quilts are stunning, Barb! Just can't go wrong with a simple 9-patch, but your settings really make them shine!
    Love that Lincoln piece--wow, it is great!
    Looks like your Quilt Study Group had a wonderful day out--until the battery issue.
    You have been well-treated by your friends. Always fun things happening at Barb's!! : )

  2. Growing up in Illinois I too have always been fasinated by that time period. The Lincoln Musuem in Springfield is very special! Your nine patch settings are just wonderful!

  3. Loved today's post. Your quilts are alway inspirational. You've had a busy couple weeks with all kinds of wonderful quilting experiences with new and old friends. Isn't quilting fun! Glad you had some handwork to do while waiting for Mr. AAA.

  4. You have done some of the best quilts with nine patch blocks. I don't have time to make any nine patches right now but you inspire me!

  5. Loved reading through this! So much to take in!

  6. There are so many beautiful quilts in this post.I always love it when you show your old quilts from years gone by. I'm getting nervous about why my blocks are taking so long to get to you. I really hope they haven't gone missing. Fingers crossed they get to you in the next day or so.

  7. Wow! it looks like a wonderful time! Love the quilts! Yours are special ones and so beautiful!

  8. Wow Barb -- you've been busy -- and it looks like having a great time. So many beautiful quilts. I LOVE your 9-patch quilts -- they're beautiful!!!

  9. What fantastic pictures!! Gorgeous antique quilts! Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoyed seeing your 2 very different nine patch quilts again :0)

  10. What fun! Your Civil War quilts are beautiful. Those are some stunning older quilts too. Thanks for showing!

  11. Oooh! Thanks for all the eye-candy! Lots of inspiration to be found.

  12. It looks like a very exciting collection of quilts. Hand lettered? what an amazing keepsake to display in your home.
    Happy mail is always fun to find in the mailbox!

  13. Sounds like you had a perfect day - with a not-so-perfect end. Thanks for sharing some of the inspiration of all the wonderful quilts you saw.

    Your two 9-patch quilts are fabulous with a plenitude of personality.

  14. Wonderful post, Barb! Loved seeing all your charming quilts at GSQ not to mention your great workshop! So glad you like my grandfather's "Lincoln" and thanks for the links to my blog :) Wish I could have seen the exhibit at NEQM. Great pics, thank you!

  15. I can't believe it! On one of my trips to NEQM last year my car battery died and Pam Weeks saved the day by calling AAA and that SAME technician same to my rescue. I think the world is getting smaller! I surely wish I had been at the meeting. I'll meet up with you someday soon. Are you going to Tempe next Fall? I am "Tempe"ted! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts and Civil War story.

  16. 9-patches are one of my favorites and your quilts are wonderful! I NEED to get mine made up. What a great visit to the quilt museum!

  17. Hello Barb !
    Your 2 quilts are stunning and the red color is very expressive !
    You received beautiful presents from your dear friends but I really love the one from Barbara ! Yes..I have made history studies !!
    Did you see the movie "Lincoln" and did you read the book "Mrs Lincoln dressmaker" ?
    Thank you for the photos of the quilts ! They are awesome and I'm glad you spent precious moments with these ladies !
    I wish you a nice weekend !!

  18. Great post! That hand lettered Lincoln is awesome. Love your quilts - so much you can do with a 9-patch. I enjoyed your trip to the museum. I miss my AQS groups.

  19. Beautiful quilts, fabrics and history! Yes AAA is a girls best friend

  20. Barb I really love what you've done with your nine patches. I was in a 3" nine patch swap a few years back, and they're still in the bag. I think you've just motivated me to get them out and sew them together. Your quilts are great.

  21. Looks like you've been having some fun times lately.

  22. Abe & I share the same birthday (he's just a few years older) and I have always loved him as well - that is a real treasure that you have, and it will be wonderful in a frame. Have you read the Bregdan Chronicles by Ginny Dye? They are wonderful and really give perspective of the Civil War. Love your 9 patches - you just can't go wrong with a 9 patch! Looks like a very fun day at the museum, even if you had a small delay when you left!

  23. Beautiful quilts, all of them, and so nice to see photos from the Study Group day! I don't know why I didn't take photos! It was so fun to meet you Barb! So sorry about your car troubles - wish I had known - perhaps I could have helped a little at least with moral support! I agree - AAA is essential. By the way thanks for the shout out to my blog! Took me a minute to decipher BB SIATW ha ha!!

  24. You just have the best settings for your them! I'm binding my second 9p from the swap - and Honest Abe happens to be on the back! :)


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