Thursday, October 15, 2015

This, That, the Other and Nothing

That's what this post is about.  Every feel that way?  Like "what am I DOING?"  A lot of things, but nothing very exciting.

Since this blog is a journal of my creative ideas and endeavors here is a recap of the week.  If you follow me on IG this will be mostly a review.

I drafted and made a 4" butterscotch basket quilt.   I think I'd like a little dolly quilt but I need a different yellow.  I'm going to raid my friend Susan McDs fabric vault next week.
I picked up these mums with three different colors on the same plant!
Coco and I have been going on jogs in the state park to enjoy the New England colors.
I thought I'd share my post office after reading Rachael's delightful blog post here.  My mailbox is up around the rock in my front yard.   I can never see if he's come or not, so I go and look about 3pm.
 And here it is.  I keep meaning to paint it and make it cuter but.....
You know you live in the country when the nearest post office is a counter.  (that is not a real cob web, lol)   This is where I drop off package  to be scanned that I've labeled at home.
Our town has a Scarecrow Festival every year and this in front of Robert's Foods (aka the Post Office).   It is a scarecow - adorable!  I love the udder and rubber boots.
I'll take photos of the others down in town (the real town).

Reader Mail:  Thank you Amy, Kathy, Meredith and Sheila for the recent surprises!
check out this packaging note - what a scream! (second line)
Another free packaging smile came on this water bottle that I got at the hair salon.  Well, shucks, thanks!
On Saturday I'm visiting the  New England Quilt Museum with my new friend, Marge.  The American Quilt Study Group is having a Civil War Quilt Day.

Next week I'll be visiting my friends and past guild members for a trunk show and Hex Vex workshop at The Garden State Quilter Guild - for info click here.  Can't wait to see my quilt friends!

It has been great fun to see bow ties on blog posts, Facebook and Instagram.  I think it will be a great swap.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love your mini basket block as well as the original. Great fabrics and colors. You must have a fickled mum. There's just too many wonderful fall colors to grow only one. It would be easy to find your PO with that adorable cow out front. Enjoyed all your this and that.

  2. What fun! Love it all--the little basket block, the mums, the Fall colors on your jogs, the "post office", the scarecow (so clever), the fun labels.
    Is it just always fun wherever you go?!?

  3. You manage to have a lot of interesting photos for someone who hasn't been up to much! I love the goodies and the scarecow. That's a hoot. Your little block is so pretty. Have fun visiting with your quilty friends!

  4. I surely wish I was going to meet you at the museum. I'm demonstration the potholder quilt method at a local show instead. Hope to get down soon though. Love you post office "counter". I grew up in the town of Edgecomb which for many years boasted about having the smallest post office in the country. It was in a chicken coop just down the road from my house and I'm sure it had real cobwebs all year round! Too funny!

  5. That butterscotch yellow is a great color. I'm sure it's tough to find something similar! Love seeing mums in the fall and of course your country post office.:) We barely get to have a post office here where we live!

  6. Thanks for such a nice "fall" post. I am missing my Michigan fall. The colors in NW Alabama aren't much...hopefully they will get better. Your New England experience will be amazing...glad you and Coco are getting to experience the colors!

  7. What a fun catching up post. You always have fun things to share with us. Your tiny baskets are so sweet. How fun to see your post office, I love that cow out the front!! and your letter box so we can picture our parcels arriving there. Your fall coloured landscape is so lovely, I bet Coco looks forward to your walks together. Have a wonderful time at your trunk show and workshop.

  8. I love your little baskets (our next swap?) they are so sweet. I loved Rachael's walk to the post office and yours looks very rural as well! Have fun at your trunk show, I am sure it will be amazing!

  9. 4" 4" baskets! Will you do a tutorial? I'm envious of your fall colors and small town joys. Hope the Hex Vex workshop is lots of fun!

  10. It looks like a pretty good week to me! I adore your little basket :0)

  11. Nothing very exciting ??? Whaaaat ???
    - You show us a wonderful quilt and you realized a very cute little basket like it !
    - You bought pretty strange flowers !! ^^
    -You walked with Coco in a beautiful park close to your home (you told me !)
    -thanks to you, we visited your post office ! woop !
    -You received wonderful presents !
    -You are going to the museum with Marge !
    - you are going to give a lecture with your quilters guilde....
    I think everything is VERY exciting !! No ??? :)))

  12. The walk to your mail box is lovely, but I'm afraid it can't compare to Rachel's walk to her post office! My mail box is one of those with little boxes for the neighborhood and it's right smack in front of my house, which is convenient for us. We can see when the mail "girl" comes every day around 10:00 AM. Of course, if I walked to the post office, I could take a short cut through a small woody area, but the rest would be in town. I have been to the New England Quilt Museum 3 years ago when we visited NE for our 50th, and wish I could go back! Hey! It's getting close to when you mail out the bow tie blocks! Can't wait!

  13. LOVE your little basket! I'm keeping an eye out for butterscotch fabrics, my yellows need a boost. I liked Cecile's list of all your fun-ness! The link to RachelDaisy was a new blog, beautiful, as was the blog she had a link to--love it when that happens. Have a wonderful trip!

  14. Love, love your little Butterscotch basket!
    This is going to be another fabulous quilt.
    So lovely to see all those pretty Autumn pictures.
    Looks like you've been wonderfully busy!

  15. You have lots going on from what I can see! Cute little basket block and the perfect size for a doll quilt :) Beautiful autumn pics. See you next week!

  16. Your basket quilt is beautiful! Looks like you are having a beautiful fall. I think I would like your post office ours usually has long lines and an even longer wait. Keep on quilting!

  17. Fun bits of this and that! Darling little basket block, lovely fall, and fun mailbox tour! Have fun at the museum!

  18. So envious of the fall color and love the miniature basket block! Have fun at your quilty get togethers.

  19. Some times life feel monotonous, but it looks like you are doing lots of enjoyable things! Enjoy the Quilt study group!!
    Love the basket quilt too. Give Susan and hug from me.

  20. It looks to me like you've been busy! Love everything you've shown here. Beautiful autumn trees, a cute basket block! I love the scarecow - what a hoot! Have fun with your presentation and workshop. I know you'll do a great job of it. Wish I could come too!

    p.s. Thanks for the link to the Peanutizing! That was fun!

  21. Loved the post Barb! I smiled all the way through it, especially your fun surprise goodies!! Crazy quilters!

  22. I feel like you do -- sometimes you just have to post a bunch of random. LOVE that cute little 4" block. And the gorgeous Mums. You have a cute little post office too -- the one I use is just a generic post office in a building. Or, luckily for me, the local Meijer grocery store takes packages at their customer service counter -- which is great because the post office opens after I'm at work and closes before I get off work -- so I can drop stuff off at the grocery store and not have to take lunch times to run to the post office. ;-D

    I've seen lots of cute bow ties popping up too -- it looks like you're going to have a great swap!

  23. It was fun catching up. Have a ball visiting your old friends.

  24. Ooh that basket block is delightful! New swap??? Love the collection of "happenings" in your world:)


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