Friday, October 27, 2017

Baskets - Sew With Us!

Surprise!  Happy Friday Post!
After seeing Julie H's antique quilt in Ann Arbor,  Kelly (Pinkadot) and I decided to make some and do them in our own style and size.
We're inviting everyone who would like to make some to join in the fun.  This isn't a formal Sew Along - but more like a Sew With Us.

Kelly is doing bright solids with a 5" block.  She's calling them Baby Baskets.  Aren't they sweet!
I'm making mine like Julie's antique with muslin and 2 (or 3) prints.
My blocks are going to finish around 6 1/4".
Here is my little tutorial - use your favorite methods.
I'm using the easy eight method click here to see how it works.
My easy eight square size is 5" x 5" which requires trimming of the 8 HST.

I like to lay the pieces out by my machine before I sew.
I'm pressing the way it wants to go and then I'm grading the seam.which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
After each piecing step I carefully lay the block out - ooops.  Clearly I was paying more attention to Scandal on TV.
 Well, I did stitch it just like I had laid it out.....
After ripping off the top and sewing back on, I realized I put in on the basket bottom - aaarrrgggg - pppppffffffftttt
When you make 3 piecing errors within 1 hour.  It's time to call it a day.
Here is a little hint as to where I'm going with this project.  Yes, I'm going to combine my FWB Swap Bow Tie blocks and the new basket blocks - wee!
Kelly and I hope you feel inspired to try a few of these wonderful basket blocks.  Let us know by posting in FB, IG or blog with #basketswu.

Happy Friday and Happy Basket Sewing


  1. Bow Ties and Baskets! Love the alliteration. Can't wait to see them together.

  2. I'd love to join in! Maybe when I arrive back from Houston I'll do a few....or maybe sneak one or two in tomorrow while finishing my packing.

  3. Oh boy, I've located the box of 1930s baskets! It's retreat next weekend... headway, here I come!

  4. How fun...thank you for the tutorial, Barb...awesome!!

  5. What fun! Will try to make a mini! Love both of your versions!

  6. What a fun "sew with you" - I can't wait to see how you put the baskets and the bow ties together :0)

  7. In January, like every year I will make a SAL and this next year will be... baskets !! :)))
    Have fun Barb and thank you for the tutorial !!

  8. Baskets and bowties...what's not to like? I'm working on a quilt that is just 4 patches and some flying geese..I wish I could say how many times I've reached for my seam ripper on this one! Post made me smile and now I don't feel so bad! Some days that's just the way it rolls. :) ~

  9. You are killing me here! This is one of my favorite blocks and I really want to do this, but I have too many sew-a-longs I am ignoring now. I love your mistakes! I rarely rip out. I just throw them in the UFO box. My next pot luck quilt will have to be called "Sews with Wine"!

  10. Barb, I love the idea of trimming the dark fabric on the backside. I have never thought of that.
    What a big difference it makes.
    Love the way you're doing the blocks!
    and I agree with Wendy: I need another project to follow along like a you-know-what!

  11. Yes, I also appreciate that tip to trim the dark fabric. I will ALWAYS do that from now on! You can't always iron to the dark side, so this is a considerable relief, actually. I bet you are surprised by the response!

    Anyway, the blocks are also very cute. Love your fabrics!

  12. Oh, so sweet!
    I hate it when a mistake infects all further sewing in that session! I can dull a seam ripper pretty quick!

  13. I've been drooling over a little mini basket quilt I have no business making right now, but I may need to sew along with you--and try not to have as much fun with my blocks as you did on that red one--followed by the green. Oh, I've had days like that. I feel your pain. :)

  14. I positively love your fabric combos on these little baskets! I have told myself “no new projects!” til I get some other things finished ... but nothing can change my mind faster than these little baskets!

  15. Baskets and bow ties. It's going to be a great combo. You're proposing a sweet temptation. I'll give it some strong consideration. :0)

  16. This combo is a great idea! Love the blocks you’ve made so far—beautiful !

  17. Hi Barb! I too do not “need” another project, but hey, that never stopped me before, ha! I just finished a baby quilt with HSTs and lots of leftover triangles, so I think I’ll make a dolly size basket quilt for the little one. This could become a new tradition - gift a dolly quilt with each baby quilt. Love your fabrics/blocks, and especially the purple background you’ve shown! Happy Halloween, and thanks for the fun post!

  18. I had made a few cake stand baskets last year ( 4 or 5 ) and meant to get back to them eventually. You are tempting me for sure :)

  19. I so love basket quilts and love what you are doing....thanks for the tutorial.

  20. I love your blocks. Looking forward to seeing how these incorporate with you Bow Tie blocks.
    Great tip on trimming the darker seam allowance on those hst's.
    I will have to implement that on future projects. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  21. Happy Halloween, and thanks for the fun post!


  22. Sorry to chuckle at your piecing mishaps, but I think it's ok, 'cause I've been there before LOL. Sooo frustrating! Looks like it's going to be a great quilt!


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