Tuesday, June 11, 2019

challenges and Nutmeg

Here is an update of my small groups' project. 
My word is Bee
From Top Left:  Spelling Bee, Bee-dazzled (which I redid), Bees Knees, Beeswax, Bee Happy and Queen bee.

Nancy's word is Time
 Show Time, Time Bomb, Wasting Time, The Time is Ripe, Saving time and Time Weighs Heavy.

Pauline's word is Eye
 Eye of the World, Black Eyed Susan, Seeing Eye Dog, Private Eye, My, What big Eyes you have and Pink Eye.

Norma's word is Cat
Cat and Mouse, Raining Cats and Dogs, Cat's Pajamas, Eye Cat-cher, Cat in the Hat and Cat Nap.

We have decided to make 9 so there will be three more each.  It has been a fun challenge.

I found this pattern on the free table at guild.  I found it amazing that it is handwritten.  The drawing is charming.
I loved this notation;  My sentiment exactly.
The last page really struck me as odd as it is very technical and also typed?  funny.
Here's NUTMEG!
With the help of my friend Norma, we adopted her from a shelter in New Jersey.
She is only 3 months old.  She is very sweet and has such pretty markings and olive green eyes.
She Loves to Play!
I'm really working hard to finish the quilting on my Medallion Quilt.  I'll share progress soon.


  1. The challenge quilts are so cool. And Nutmeg.... oh what a sweetie! Truly! I see she's getting acclimated to the quilting world;).

  2. Really great little challenge quilts...
    Nutmeg is so tiny--so cute...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love the challenges! What a great idea.
    Do you need more BEE fabric or are you done with that letter?
    Love that Nutmeg drinks wine!! Too cute.

  4. This challenge is very fun ! It's very interesting to see the work of your friends !
    Nutmeg is.... adorable !! You know how I love cats ! Give her a big hug please !!

  5. Love your small group projects, so creative.

    Nutmeg is adorable! I loved it when she was chasing her own tail. Bella is five and still does it.

  6. Oh these are so much fun!!! What a super idea. I love them all. So clever! And that pattern is a hoot. There were a lot of hand written patterns in the 80's. Things are so technical now. Can't wait to see your finished quilting. Nutmeg is of course adorable!!

  7. Fun catching up with you. Love your new kitty, Nutmeg.

  8. That’s a Barbara W Barber pattern from the mid-late 90’s! She asked me to write the instructions for the tiny quilts that hang on the clothesline. So that odd page is mine!

  9. Congratulations on the family addition! I love Nutmeg's orange ear. shhhh, don't tell her, but the other Nutmeg I know is a d-o-g.

    Your bee quilts are indeed the bee's knees!

  10. Such an interesting word/theme quilt challenge. You've all been very creative. What a beautifully written pattern. Individual interpretation is the best part of just about any quilt project :0)

  11. Welcome little Nutmeg! We may have one of our own who appears to be a 'country drop-off' and has adopted our back porch as her new home. Appears to be young and hungry, but won't let us near her quite yet. She/he doesn't mind the dog being out there though. A good sign???

  12. You girls are so creative. I love the words you've all illustrated. Nutmeg is a cutie. Kitty are so happy and so busy. I think she loves her new home!

  13. I just love the word Challenge. So creative and fun. So many of your pieces are embellished and all. Wow! Congratulations to all four of you. I love them all.
    I am also in love with Nutmeg! She's so pretty and her colour is gorgeous! I can see that she is studying to be a quilt's inspector. I'm sure she'll graduate with honor. ;^)

  14. Thank you for posting the challenge quilts! Everyone of the participants are so creative, just as you are. That pattern was meant for you! Penned by another Barbara, what are the chances? So glad you have that information now. Welcome little Miss Nutmeg, she's a fortunate little kitty to have found you.


  15. Do love your Alphabet quilts - so clever. Have to ask about that gorgeous red and white quilt behind your picture - think I'm in love and have already figured it needs to be on my bucket list. Is there a pattern available? .. and where might I find it? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kathi
      You don't have an email on your profile - so I hope you see this. That is my Jubilee Quilt but I have not made a pattern. You can see more images on my blog if you search "jubilee quilt'

  16. The small group projects are incredible! Love the creativity of each one. Had me grinning as I read.
    That is pretty cool that the one who wrote the "typed" page is a blog reader. What a fun connection.
    Oh, that is a sweet looking kitty. :)

  17. Oh, what a fun challenge Barb, and so much creativity! Love that 'older' quilt-related goodie :) And Nutmeg is just the cutest with that sweet little face :)

  18. The challenge quilts are really clever! Nutmeg is too cute and I'm wondering how Coco likes his new playmate.

  19. The challenge quilts are so clever! Nutmeg is an adorable name!

  20. Love all the blocks. Great imagination. Can't wait to see the others. Nutmeg is soooooooooooooo cute.

  21. What a terrific challenge! You all mastered it for sure!!

    Nutmeg is so precious!!

  22. Wow, what an amazing challenge, and what everyone did...wow!!

  23. Love that challenge! Love the kitty! FUN!

  24. The world challenge is oh so interesting. Did you choose your own word or was it assigned somehow?

  25. I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks for sharing.


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