Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ballerina Frogs

A little hand appliqued and hand quilted doll quilt from 2002.  When I hung it up I noticed it looked like 2020.  
I made this in my early folk art days.  Note the polkadot leaves, the blue leaves and non realistic flowers.
 I used an embroidered hankie that belonged to my Grandmother, Gertrude Miller Clarkson.

I added some embroidery.  And look!  a heart on a stem like my recent Solidarity Block.    The lettering is obviously hand cut with no pattern.
 Ballerina Frogs on the back.
My friend, Kelly made this fabulous paper pieced quilt.  I love it!
When she offered to share her pattern I jumped right in and you can too by going to her blog here and requesting the pattern via email.
Love these bright prints.  I'm adding batiks and animal prints and several different solid and printed black fabrics.
And this is what happens when you watch TV while sewing.  Ha ha I forgot to flip it before I sewed it. 😝😜
 speaking of TV I watched Hollywood on Netflix and it was terrific.  If you liked Mad Men or 50s period pieces I think you would like this.  Warning - It is naughty and there are some sexual scenes.
It is fictional tale of the Hollywood era that suppressed people of color and sexual preference.  Rock Hudson is a one of main characters.  The wardrobe and set design is luscious.
I found these liberated basket blocks with my African fabrics.  I made these in a Gwen Marston workshop years ago.
 They might make it into this quilt.
I made this Dutch Baby Pancake recently and it was delicious!
 You can find the recipe here.
In other sewing news,  I made this little mug rug for Joyce in NJ.  I used 1" cut strips and surrounded a tiny basket block.
Geeze you'd think I could have centered that back print better.   I hope Joyce didn't mind too much.
I made a 1/8th binding.  The back of the binding is 1/4". 
I hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. 
I'll be back soon with my May Modern Mini.


  1. Oh wow what a great post. Lots of eye candy. Yum!

    You are so talented!

  2. Love the quilt pattern! I asked for one. A lot of neat stuff going on in your blog today. Thanks.

  3. Yes! It's a 2020 quilt and a 2002 quilt! Love that backing!!
    I think the baskets could be worked into the newest project. Black always makes quilt so graphic!! They sire collect a lot of animal hair though. heehee

  4. Such a sweet flashback to 2002 and actually a good cheery one to see in 2020. I hope you are enjoying some time on that sweet beach path with Coco
    I love what you are doing with your baskets and the fun pattern from your friend. Thank you for sharing her generosity. Her version is also just pure happiness in scraps!

  5. Your sweet little retro block is very much in style! I love what you have done with the Pandemic block! It's so versatile. I think the baskets with it are perfect. Believe it or not I have never made a Dutch Baby!! That might need to change. I would say 60% of the time I forget to center things up!

  6. What a treasure. That block is ageless and a beauty. Thanks for the link to the paper pieced block and the recipe. You must be "mist" taxied these days living by the coast. Your post today was so enjoyable. Uplifting. Just what we need as we celebrate the 85th Groundhog Day. I have to check to see how many times I have worn the same outfit!,

    Dotti in CT

  7. Your little quilt is beautiful with these colors !
    Love your baskets and African fabrics !! African goes with Summer and hot weather ...!!
    Thank you for the recipe ! Yum yum !!

  8. I LOVE the doll and yellow is a favorite combo of mine. Also can't wait to try the pancake recipe!!

  9. Darling mini, Barb!! Your friend's quilt pattern looks SEW dramatic in the African prints you used. LOVE the addition of Gwen's Baskets!! Here's hoping the two sets of blocks decide to play well together.

  10. Love the fact that your quilts are timeless.

  11. The African fabric looks great in this pattern with the black. It's going to be interesting to see if you add the baskets or not. I think they could work. Have fun!

  12. Wish I was a doll so I could have this sweet doll quilt. From the pieced background to the birds on top and that gorgeous hankie, to the fake flowers, I love it all. Enjoy your newest project. It looks very promising. ;^)

  13. Well, I thought this was your May mini post! Wonderful projects, your little 'vintage' doll quilt is as sweet as can be, but what made my heart go pitter-patter is those liberated baskets in those lush African fabrics - fabulous!

  14. What a sweet quilt, Barb! I just love your folk art style! Such a nice idea to include your grandmother's hankie and the colors are perfect. When did you first put sparrows in your quilts? Kelly's quilt is fabulous but so is yours with all those great fabrics! I think your baskets are going to fit right in :) I'm sure your little mug rug will be greatly appreciated!

  15. Love those African fabrics with the black. And how fortunate to have the baskets all ready to go! Can't wait to see the "perfectly modern mini", but I must say you could have considered the adorable little mug rug as your May mini!

  16. Your little folk art quilt is so joyful Barb, it makes me smile!
    And now I'm hungry for that pancake ... !

  17. 2020 seemed so far away in 2002. Your folky mini works so well in 2020. It's always so fun to see your projects. There is such variety and yet they all say "fun with Barb" - I just love your style!

  18. The little quilt is adorable! I love the cute fabrics! Kelly's scrappy quilt is fun. I'm going to check our her blog. The one you are making is striking! I have a lot of the Australian scraps that would look great with black. I also like your idea of skinny borders around the basket for a mug rug. I'm sure she won't even notice the black print issue.

  19. Your doll quilt is so pretty! I love your use of African fabrics, beautiful.

  20. Your post title of Ballerina Frogs made me wonder where things were going. Now I see how you came up with that. You most often have interesting fabric choices on the back of a quilt. Always a pleasure to see.

  21. Your ballerina frog piece is delightful!
    I love the way you are using black with those gorgeous prints, and your baskets would look great worked in somehow.
    Such a cute mug rug using the tiny basket. Centered backings can be a challenge, but that print is wonderful!

  22. Loving that tiny basket mug rug!

  23. I love your take on the Pandemic PP block from Kelly. The baskets really do enhance the striking center. As always your are an inspiration!


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