Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Modern Mini

I used Moda Grunge White and three different solid blues.
 Matchstick quilting with Ivsafil white 100# thread.
 When I make a white quilt, I use a white backing so there is no shadow problem.
I guess I would call this "controlled liberated Houses".   I changed the quilting from straight lines to wavy lines at the bottom because I envision my houses on the riverfront.
Here is my inspiration.  A photo of my friend, Pauline's, KLM bottle collection and a package of stroopwaffes.
I made sketches of the houses with sizes so they would come out more or less square and straight.
Rich really tried to hold it at the beach but it was too windy.  He loves this one and I will hang this in his home office this week.
It was very low tide so I got some great rock photos.
The main Labyrinth gets larger every year and now there is a new one too.  
In other Mini News~
I won first place in an online contest with my Quarantini Quilt!
You can still make one of your own with my tutorial here.

Thanks to my friend, Wendy of The Constant Quilter, for hosting the monthly mini again this year.  Stop by her blog to see all the participants.
 KLM was on the dining room table in the early morning sun and I love the way the light plays over the surface.
Happy Sunday!


  1. OMG! I LOVE this one! Funny, Gordon knew what KLM was immediately, I am not the world traveler that he is! I love everything about this one, especially the wavy quilting at the bottom. So clever and it really does look like water reflection. Hope you have your Craftoptics by now. Wonder if they are powerful enough to see the virus - argh! Thanks for another great mini!!

  2. Congratulations on your Quarantini quilt win, so exciting! Love this new mini, the lighting certainly does play tricks with the design doesn't it. Your rocky shoreline is a perfect backdrop for this quilt.

  3. I absolutely love your quilt. Congrats on first place win for your Quarantini quilt. Hugs

  4. Double congratulations Barb!! The KLM quilt is cute. I understand why your husband wants it for himself. So cool. Quarantini winning at the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show is the cherry on top. Whoop Whoop for you! ;^)

  5. First, congratulations again on your first place for your Quarantini quilt !! It's well deserved !
    I absolutely love this one ! And the way you quilted it !!
    Beautiful pictures from the beach !
    Happy Sunday Barb !

  6. You have a knack for making interesting minis ..... love both of them! Congrats on your win. You must be over the moon.

  7. Another wonderful finish!
    But more importantly I loved the photos... all of them, the rocks, the beach, the hubby with the mask holding tightly to the quilt so it doesn't blow into the ocean, the labyrinth, a treat for my eyes this morning... thank you!

  8. Wow, great quilt, Barb! So crisp, and modern. I think we have one of those KLM things somewhere around here, from Germany? I particularly like the quilting on yours, and how you transitioned the lines to wavy for the river. Excellent photo shoot too, on the rocks, sand etc. And... congrats on your win!

  9. KLM - Dutch Airlines? Buildings in Amsterdam?? I was there many moons ago and loved every moment. Of course, this quilt is my new favorite. You are my inspiration!!

  10. Congratulations Barb. I love the martini quilt!!!

  11. Congratulations on your win. Well deserved.
    I love your Dutch houses. My next project is placemats with blue and white fabrics I bought in Rotterdam a couple of years back.

  12. Woohoo! Congrats on your win--that little quilt is so fun--well deserved! I've never heard of KLM, but your interpretive quilt (and quilting) is wonderful!

  13. Those bottles are so unique and what terrific inspiration!!!
    Love the quilt, Barb!!

  14. What great little houses! A wonderful little mini. The bottle are such a unique inspiration.

  15. Love the new quilt and congratulation on your win : )
    Lucky to be so close to the ocean I'm jealous

  16. Your imagination is delightful and then your quilt's interpretation is awesome. Those little Dutch houses are fabulous and the matchstick quilting adds wonderful texture without taking away from the subject. And congrats again on your well deserved recognition with the first place win.

  17. It's a great little quilt. I love what you did and the quilting is also awesome!
    Such a cute name for it.
    I LOVE the pictures at the beach! And poor Rich... what a great sport to try to hold it in that wind.
    Good thing the tide was out!!
    And congratulations again. I love the olive quilt!! ;-))

  18. Great photos of a great little mini. It's so crisp, love it. Love how you made wavy lines underneath. The photos on the beach are great - I can almost feel that sunshine! Congratulations on winning with your quarantini quilt!

  19. Great little mini, Barb and congratulations on your win!!

  20. Love the latest mini! Blue and white always make my heart go pitter-pat!
    I had no idea there was such a thing as KLM bottles. I may have a new blue and white obsession!

  21. Congratulations on a well deserved win! It's such a fun quilt.
    Love your new mini, crisp blue and white is always a favorite of mine.
    While you are photographing rocks, I am photographing clouds!!!

  22. I have no idea what KLM stands for, but I love your clever, crisp quilt. I really appreciate seeing your inspiration for the quilt. And the wavy lines at the bottom to represent water--great idea! I can't imagine how long it takes to quilt that much texture into something like that!
    Love all the beach photos, too.
    Oh, congrats on your win! I am not at all surprised this took first. It is so creative, and well executed.

  23. Wow! I just love your interpretation of those houses for May's Mini. Great job with all that close quilting and the wavy lines at the bottom. And of course your photo shoot was fabulous! I really enjoyed your pics of the beach and rocks--and labyrinth. Congrats on your Quarantini win! Way to go, Barb!

  24. Love the quarantini quilt, very clever design!! congrates on the prize!
    The house mini is great too! I hope all is well with you! take care!

  25. I see alot of 30's in your 2002 quilt also. Paula in KY

  26. The details in the quilting are perfect! I love everything about this mini.

  27. It's a beautiful quilt, you deserved the price! I love the photo scenery too ;)
    Feel free to join the TGIFF link party today, and also the Patchwork & quilts linky party on Sunday!

  28. LOVE your latest mini with water reflections!

  29. What a lovely, fun and beautiful little quilt, just perfect, I love it.
    Not so much KLM , am engaged (together with many people) in a big fight with them since April 5 (when they cancelled our flights) to get (all of) our money back, they simply ignore us, contrary to national and European law.. grrrrrrrr...


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