Sunday, May 17, 2020

Solidarity Block

Good Sunday Morning!
I received an invitation from QuiltMania to make a block for their solidarity project.  Please read more about the project on their website here.

They are asking for pink to red quilts blocks.  I knew a house was a good choice because this is where we have been to help the effort of slowing COVID19.

It started here.  I found a FQ of a beautiful pink French Toile'.

 I had to add a little personality to the windows.
I machine stitched the stems (as I almost always do)

QuiltMania has created a wonderful free pattern for this block here with diagrams and size instructions.

and templates here:

Here's a few photos of what's been happening around our house.
This beautiful Baltimore Oriole came for breakfast.  He is so stinking cute!
 Our Azalea shrub is really showing off.  We planted it about 4 years ago and it is finally really settled in.
 Nutmeg making a break for it through the kitchen window.  I really do need to find these screens!
The bird feeder was moved to the lower patio and my lounge chair and table are back for the season.  (yes, those are legs!  first outing of the year, lol)
 I took a pretend trip to Italy for cocktail hour.  I have wonderful memories of our trip there in 2007.
 When someone asks me "How are you Doing?"  during this Pandemic I generally feel like this.
This is a photo I posted for a IG challenge.  I'm mad about something.  I am holding my purple baton and I've undone my romper set top.

But most days are good days.  I'm blessed to be home, safe and dry.
Like this~
Stay well


  1. Beautiful block but the picture of you made me laugh out loud lol. Great post.

  2. That is so great that you will be featured in Quiltmania;)))
    I love your block--the "heart" trees are just so whimsical...

    The photo is very funny--it is so interesting to "look back" when you see expressions like yours and wonder just what had upset you...;000
    ~ ~ ~ waving on this warm-ish day Julierose ~ ~ ~

  3. You designed a beautiful block. Very interesting you mostly machine stitch stems, I would never have thought of that, maybe because me and machine stitching are not always a good match.
    I love the picture of you as a child, whoever took that pictures certainly had a sense of humor and knew that this would draw laughs in the future!

  4. Your block is darling Barb! I love your choice of fabrics. And what an adorable picture of a pouting little you!

  5. Lovely block to add to a worthy effort. Something better to remember of this time will be the heroic work done and the support people gave to each other.
    Nutmeg has the right idea! That porch looks like a lovely spot to explore.

  6. Fantastic house block!!
    Gorgeous shots from around your home.

  7. Oh that block is so cute and the design is so spot on for these crazy times! Congrates on the invitation, what fun!! I was just visiting Audrey's blog (Quilty Folk) and she used the term"Coronacrazy" that about sums it up!! take care!

  8. congratulations for being publish in Quiltmania! Your block is so representative of our time. Everyone's at home but their hearts are out there for the nurses, cashiers, police and the like. So well done. Bravo!! ;^)

  9. What a sweet block, literally, I could eat it with all that pink! It turned out really cute and how nice that you were asked to contribute. Really special.

  10. Wonderful block - both lovely and meaningful! Thank goodness we have stitching to provide comfort and some degree of joy during this tough time. That childhood picture is amazing!

  11. Your house block is lovely! How exciting to be asked to contribute. I love that it is patio season again finally!! I need to do some stitching outside too - to celebrate!! :0)

  12. A very good choice of fabric for the solidarity block. I like the background piece especially.

  13. I can see that face in your face now!! LOVE that picture of you!!
    Poor nutmeg.... trying to GET OUT and away from that other cat...

  14. Oh my heart skipped a beat seeing this block. It's just so perfectly you and it really illustrates something - staying at home... sending out the love and also being protected by it. Lovely shots from around your home. And the photo is so funny and precious!

  15. Beautiful Solidarity blocK! Looks just like you :)

  16. How wonderful to be invited to make such a cute block. It does sum up our past few months. I love your Baltimore Oriole how fun to see him at your bird feeder. Love the baby picture. I can definitely see you in there!

  17. Two hearts make a house a home. Love this little quilt block!

  18. Cute block, Barb! Love your pictures too, especially the mad little girl! Lol!
    We see orioles from time ti time ... so stunning!

  19. Darling block! Love your deck and picture of Nutmeg escaping (or trying to). I don't blame her. We had a cat years ago that was supposed to be an indoor cat, but he didn't like it and finally escaped by pushing on the screen hard enough to get out! Where there's a will there's a way!

  20. I love your block! I may have to make one--- I have a pink toile--ish print I could use. LOL Do you stitch your stems down by machine even on your hand applique quilts????

    I'll miss sitting with you and chatting at what would be our meeting night on Wednesday. :(

    I love that Nutmeg is keeping you on your toes! :)

  21. Your block is beautiful--love the background fabric and the fussy cut windows are adorable! Our orioles are back now too. It's such a treat to see them but it's driving our dog Willow crazy--she doesn't like sharing the patio!

  22. Wonderful block, Barb. But I also see the start of yet another project — a cherry tree perhaps? Do you ever run out of ideas? Love your pouty picture. I have one too and have to laugh every time I come across it! Please send me a bit of your ambition!!!!

  23. A perfect block to be included with Quiltmania's solidarity blocks. Love your toddler pic. It made me smile.

  24. What a sweet and clever block. And congrats on being asked to participate!
    You really do know how to make the most of things--even a trip to Italy during a cocktail hour. :)
    Great shot of you as a youngster. I had a giggle over that.

  25. A beautiful block, love how the heart trees are leaning in and protecting the home.
    I remember seeing your photo of you as a child, on IG, great photo!

  26. Your house block is so pretty, and a fitting block for this time. I love that picture of you! You were sure upset about something! Hahaha! It looks like Nutmeg keeps you on your toes, doesn't she? What a pretty cat she is.

  27. What a wonderful Solidarity block with its whimsical heart trees. I never would have thought of machine stitching those narrow stems. Great idea, Barb! But I must tell you how much I love your grumpy-looking photo--it's priceless! Looks like spring has finally arrived at your house :) Great pic of that Baltimore Oriole. I actually watched one yesterday in one of our apple trees.

  28. Such an effective use of the background fabric in your solidarity block! Trust you to take a classic design and come up with something wonderfully unique.:) Love your Azalea plant. We can't winter them here in our area, but I love, love, love the flowers.:)


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