Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and is enjoying the excitement of a new year and a new decade!

Now this is more like it!

Mary came over for a visit on Christmas day. She brought over her brothers' wonderful bourbon soaked fruit cake and I broke out the champagne.

So here's toasting everyone for a wonderful and creative new year!

So you may be wondering where the heck I've been. We took a vacation to Captiva, FL. We really lucked on the weather and only had one cold and rainy day.

We rented a house on the gulf, which was decadent and wonderful.

Aren't these bed "skirts" cute? My daughter was delighted with her room.

Lovely birds-

Pretty shelling. I ended up with twice this amount. I'm thinking about trying a "sailors valentine" with them.

Famous Bubble Room cake, oh my. The red velvet is a family favorite and we also tried the buttermilk, brown sugar, orange cake, which I loved and want to try and recreate.

These sewn paper slippers were a compliment of the Tampa airport to use during the security check-in. I think they are so funny.

Santa brought me many wonderful gifts this year, including a new Apple Computer (yikes, no whining about learning new things). This was one of my favorite gifts. I can't wait to play it with my Cupcake girls!
Look how cute the pieces are.

I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on as the connection at the beach was not good.

There's no place like home~


  1. Welcome back to blogland! It looks like a terrific and relaxing vacation.
    Quiltopoly?! What a hoot!!

  2. A vacation getaway to Florida sounds devine about now. Brrrr..anything above 40 I'll take! hee. Welcome back home!! Let the New Year stitches begin.

  3. Welcome home Barb! What a wonderful trip. Thanks for the great photos so we could all get a whiff of that salt air. I've never seen those "slippers" at an airport. Funny.
    First I thought your top photo was of champagne and pizza! Cake and pizza are way at the top of my list.
    Happy new year.

  4. A toast to 2010! What a great vacation. It looks warmmmmm. I see a fantastic shell blog post in your future! I've been seeing a lot of shell encrusted bathrooms in the decorating mags. Quiltopoly - now that sounds like a fun game - she with the most fabric wins? I miss you.

  5. I didn't know there was still a Bubble Room. There used to be one in Orlando and the Red Velvet Cake was outstanding!

  6. Happy new year, it sure looks like you had a wonderful vacation.


  7. I love the Bubble Room!!! Sanibel is my favorite place to go in Florida. Love your stuff!!


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