Monday, January 11, 2010

Hex and Next

Good Morning!

I finished my Hex Vex quilt on Friday. This was a cupcake project. We used pre-cut paper pieces. The pieces are basted to the paper, then they are whip-stitched together. It was so fun to trade fabrics and arrange them.

I used the large fan stencil that I made a few years ago and did the quilting in big stitch. I used a different color (9 in all) of variegated pearl cotton for each fan. I actually had to make a chart to spread them out evenly. It went along quickly once I loosened up and actually made big stitches.

You can see in the this photo that I started making too small of stitch. Oh well, Raquel. I've included every kind of fabric such as sushi, Elvis, Harry Potter, Christmas, birds,'s a good eye spy quilt.

Here is the backing. I love this fabric. Wouldn't it be pretty as bedroom wallpaper and drapes?

Here is Jill's finished quilt, which took a 2nd place ribbon at the NJ State Show - way to go Jill.

The title of her quilt is "Yes We Can". She used Americana fabrics and created her own with President Obama's image. It is a great quilt.

Last week I mentioned visiting the Bubble Room in Captiva, FL. It's a really fun place with lots of kitchy decorations.

My son found a recipe for their famous cakes. Here is the one I used last Friday: Red Velvet Cake recipe . It calls for 3 layers of cake. Well, I have only 2 pans, so I did a 2 layer cake and made 4 cupcakes.

And is it RED!

The frosting is a combination of butter cream and cream cheese and is topped with pecans - yum!

My friend, Pat, sent me this adorable Mary Englebriet cupcake box. How cute is that?

Lastly, I've joined in the Doll Quilt along from Lori's blog. It's not too late to join in the fun. Click here to get started! Thanks, Lori for the fun inspiration!

Happy Monday!


  1. Your Hex-vex quilt is amazing! Well done! Happy quilting!

  2. Great post! I really do love your hexagon and 6 pt. star quilt. I've worked with 60 degree diamonds quite a bit and enjoy their versatility.
    Your doll quilt is coming along nicely. Your use of scrappy shirtings for the background is smart; I'm wishing that I had done the same. There's much to keep straight with the piecing on this one, isn't there?

  3. Love that hex quilt! they are so much fun!!!
    YUM to the red velvet cake!!!!
    You can just bring that right over here... ;-) I'll make the coffee!

  4. I love that Lakehouse fabric that you used for the back of the quilt. Not sure if it is funny or sad that I know what the backing fabric is. I have it in a green colorway. I like the way you have used all of the different fabrics and that is ended up not being too busy.

  5. Hey Barb,
    Hex Vex looks great! Another one down - what's next on the hoop.
    I wondered what the Bubble Room was. I wish I could have a slice of that cake. Miss you,

  6. Hex Vex looks great, really love how you just made it so scrappy!
    I LOVED Jills quilt too.
    The cake looks amazing and of course cute box!
    I haven't started my doll quilt yet but certainly enjoying seeing everyones in progress,
    think this is one pattern I would make a few times
    I just love the look
    enjoy your week

  7. There is just way too much PRETTY STUFF to look at in this post! My eyes are tired!

  8. Well I'm just crazy ga-ga over these hex did an amazing job!! I was sewing on my hex flowers last night too...I sure like your 'eye spy' type design you chose!!

  9. It is great to see your hex quilt up close. I've seen several shots of Jill's and am in love with the technique! Love the backing and the quilting you did on that. I wouldn't have thought of fans but it is very effective.
    Great start on the cheddar and crackers quilt!!
    It's a good thing I am only seeing the cake on the computer- as a weight watcher leader that looks deadly delicious!! LOL

  10. The Hex quilt is fantastic and so is Jill's. I love the backing you chose, gorgeous fabric. We don't have that cake here, what is the flavour of it? I guess the texture must be good if it's called velvet.
    The cheddar top is looking great.

  11. I love your bold, wild, wonderful combination of fabrics and variety of blocks in your Hex quilt. It's gorgeous!

  12. Love both those star hex quilts!!! Gorgeous ....

  13. The hexagon quilt is a treat for the eyes. So many fabrics. I would have hesitated to put some of those fabrics in to the piece but altogether they work so well.

  14. Are those "Stack and Whack" quilts? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The quilt looks fabulous. Did you put it on a frame to quilt it? I'm nearing completion of the top of my hexagon quilt and intend hand quilting it. I've been wondering how best to go about it. Any advice would be welcomed.
    I've popped on over from the hexagon quilt along blog which mentions this post.

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  17. Gorgeous quilts and yummy cake what more could a girl want!!

  18. Love the new header! That is ONE stunning quilt!


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