Thursday, January 7, 2010



My Whoville quilt didn't make it for Christmas, but it did get finished yesterday.

The Village Tree:

This would be my house; the cake (eating) queen.

I love this little pink one too

The binding posed a problem. I used all the "evening snow" fabric that I had. I auditioned many things, but settled on this colored polk-a-dot of about the same size.

I used left over polk-a-dots on the back from exchange my Wednesday group did years ago.

This lovely little quilt was a Christmas present from my best friend, Mary, my original, Illinois Mary B :)

These hand dyed fabrics are beautiful and luminous! Hand quilting? I'm not worthy!

The back - nice fabric!

Thanks Mary - I love it~


  1. The house quilt turned out really cheery and wonderful!!!You can't help but smile at all the polka dots.
    What a lovely gift from mary. I like that the center row is quilted differently then the two sides. I wish I could think of things like that. :)

  2. Your whoville quilt is soo fun! Very cute and outside the box, awesome!

  3. ...clapping...yeah...I.LIKES.IT.

  4. what a fun quilt! love the tree too!
    cute houses.
    Marys quilt is just beautiful.
    those fabrics and colors are just so beautiful. Love the way she hand quilted it.
    the backing fabric is perfect!

  5. Great little, liberated houses. The Grinch was always a favorite of mine, so I really like the name you gave your new treasure.
    Your quilted gift is great; I especially like the off-center label!

  6. How cute to use selvedge edges in the house quilt! Creative for sure.

  7. I started to say, "I like this" and "I like that" about your Whoville quilt, but the thing is, I just love everything about it!

  8. The village quilt is so much fun, thanks for sharing


  9. Whoville is so dang Cute!! It puts a big ol' smile on my face. Wow those hand dyes are beautiful!!


  10. I love whoville and how creatively you used your selvages. Makes me want start my next selvage project.

  11. whee, whoville is wonderful and love that dotty back. beautiful gifty quilt too, what a sweetie

  12. Your little houses are wacky and fun! Two things I luv in a quilt. Well done! Happy quilting!

  13. Whoville looks just like youville! It is absolutely charming. Those selvages look just like Christmas lights and trims.


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