Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Women's Lib

Thanks, Karen Griska, for such a nice post featuring my "Whooville" quilt on your blog; The Selvage Blog. You have been such an inspiration for me and my application of selvages in creative quilt making.

Yesterday I received my copy of Liberated Quiltmaking II, by Gwen Marston. Gwen has a great website that you can check out here.

Karen has a really wonderful quilt on page 43.
Tonya, of Lazy Gal Quilting, has a quilt on page 123 featuring her innovative liberated alphabet.

When I lived in Illinois, I had the great pleasure of attending Gwen's retreat 1994-1999. Gwen has informed my quilting in many, many ways. Her influence still speaks to me in the sewing room. She has given me permission to make quilts "my way". She offers this great gift to all you have been fortunate to be her student.

Here is a quilt that I made using Gwen's liberated house technique and Tonya's letters. Thanks to Kathy, Sheila and Mary who sent me blocks! This quilt includes an out-house, a puppy store, bird house and many other surprises.

A block I made for an exchange for St. Patrick's Day. So simple, yet so satisfying.

And this quilt is one of my favorites. I swapped blocks with my dear friend, Mary Pat, shortly after moving to NJ. I just love that it incorporates our individual styles. It was so much fun, I may have to do this again!

So in conclusion, I say up with Women's Lib - liberated quilt making, that is :)


  1. Love all the colorful houses in that quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Barb,
    Nice write up on The Selvedge Blog. I love seeing your houses quilts. The pink one is so you!!! Let's go on a quilt retreat sometime.

  3. What a fun whimsical quilt. I love it.

  4. I LOVE your liberated house quilt!! I've been working on some of those blocks myself and they are the best thing to make to chase away the winter blues...they make my soul giggle.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. I love Gwen Marstons liberated thinking! It is so fun and freeing.
    Love your house quilts and blocks.

  6. Love the houses, right up my alley...I too love the liberated style of quilting.

  7. You are so PINK! ;-) Love the liberated PINK quilt! they are all really cute. fun stuff you super talented lady you!

  8. Oh, I love Gwen Marston! I've never been able to take a class from her, but I have all her books, and I've "taken classes" from her via Simply Quilts.

    Your quilts, as always, are terrific!

  9. saw the whooville quilt over on the selvage blog what a cutie
    keep up the great work and i will love comming over to visit your blog again.

  10. They are so much fun, I must look in to ordering this book


  11. I love Gwen's books, and I love your houses quilt a lot.

  12. Both the house quilts are great. I have some blocks I swapped, but haven't gotten around to making the quilt yet.

  13. Great quilts, especially the pink one with lettering. Tonya asked me to preview and proof her new book. It will be wonderful to see some of her quilts in print and have a ready reference for constructing "Liberated Letters."


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