Friday, April 9, 2010


April - Ah, at last.....spring flowers, soft breezes, warm rain - Love it!

Pansies are always my first nursery purchase - I can not resist their sweet happy faces!

A man, a buddy, a beer and a dog, does it get any better? Not on your 21st Birthday! Andrew turned 21 on Wednesday. The big "party" is in a couple of weeks when he visits his college friends, so Wednesday was a low key, fun, family day.

Hanna and I did a little creative work on his car.

Retro craft anyone? Now those who know me well know that I can be an old fashion gal. I wear a apron, cook dinner five nights a week, bake cakes. One of my favorite kitchen tools is a good potholder. Here is my shabby collection, some made by the kids over 10 years ago.

I ordered some new cotton loops on line, got out my original red painted steal frame from the 60's and got to work. It was really fun and I now have 4 new potholders.

Hanna and I went on a 3 day college trip this week. We clocked over 1300 miles and visited 3 schools. I survived PA this time, with only one small direction mishap. The problem with PA is that if you go the wrong way, the only way to correct it is to go back and try again because of the mountains. So the curse of PA only cost me a little time and a little gas on this trip.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sue-Anne said...

Happy 21st to your Son!!!

I love your rabbits in the first photo and I think pansies, next to Petunias are my favourite annual flower too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your son

Oh I love your pot holders I have never seen any like that, they look fantastic.


Crispy said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! I remember making a bazillion of those pot holders for my mom. She had even tucked a few away and we found them after she had passed.


Karen said...

I made many, many of those loop pot holders when I was a kid and young adult. Haven't thought about doing it in years. Makes me want to do it again.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

oh my lordy, I used to make so many of those pot holders!! ha! what fun!!
happy 21 to the boy!!!

antique quilter said...

how fun was that!
I loved making those potholders when I was a kid
makes me want to go find them and make a few again!
Happy Birthday to Andrew, a major milestone!
glad to hear you survived PA this time around! Did she fall in love with any of the schools yet?

Lori said...

I wish you could send a lttle spring our way. I love a pot of pansies too...still waiting.

Such cute potholders. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that trashes theirs.:)

Janet said...

We never had that contraption to make pot holders, first time I've seen them but I love them. The birthday car is a hoot, Happy birthday to him.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I can't believe our kids are all grown up. LOVE the potholders.