Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Showtime (again)

Hooray, I went to the Northern Star Quilters show in Somers, NY on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for a drive and the show was great.

This was the Best in Show, by Bethany Morielli - her work is incredible!

This won my heart, made by Dawn Hayes - she won best hand quilting, best applique' and first in category and she deserved to!

Before I post the quilts, here is what I won at the raffle table. This was a $3.00 investment. I also won a $5.00 gift certificate which I used on the new needle-punch supplies. How lucky am I to have won a stuffed turkey panel that I don't already have? Too lucky, I'm sure.

Here are my purchases. I bought a set of Russian needle punches, it's Russian, so it must be good, right? It was ooober expensive, so it really must be good right?

cute new lamb pattern

I'm busy today getting things prepped for a sewing/craft day here tomorrow. So, in no particular order and with no further editorial comments here are the quilts - Enjoy~

See you soon - I hope you're making something fun in the meantime!


  1. Barb, thanks so much for sharing pictures of the fabulous quilt shows you attend! Do you by any chance have any additional information of the Dawn Hayes quilt, such as design source information? Thanks again for your blog. Pet that pup for me!

  2. many beauties that it's hard to pick a favorite! Thanks for posting the show...I was going through quilt show withdrawal until your post!

  3. I really love the selvage quilt - yet another idea to think about.

  4. Such inspiration seeing the quilts. I agree that Dawn Hayes quilt is spectacular. You get to many more shows than I do. In fact, show season is over in Florida.
    Russian needle punch. Is it different than the needle punch kits we are used to seeing?

  5. Wow...those quilts are knock your socks off gorgeous!
    Seeing your Russian Needlepunch packet reminded me of the time I helped a vendor work the show in Spain! This is where I first learned of needlepunch...I was there to see the quilt show. The vendor happened to be from CA (down the road from my hometown!!)...anyway....she needed her booth covered while she had to take care of customs stuff....I ended up there many hours so she gave me this set free. More info than you likely wanted to know! Hee

  6. Great quilts Barb! It's so nice to know the winners. It looks like it was a good show. I especially like that selvedge quilt and the Kaffe? clam shell with the piping. There was a lady selling those punch sets at the Chicago show. I'm anxious to hear whether you like them better than your other set. Loved the pics of Coco in your last post. I want a dog.

  7. Wow Wow Wow!! All those quilts are spectacular. I can't pick a favourite. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your win. Love the punchneedle too.

  8. The quilts are fantastic, what a worthwhile show to go to. There are a few favourites in that lot. The selvage quilt looks really neat.

  9. There are a lot of lovely quilts but my favourite is definitely the first one, that won Best in Show.

  10. thanks for posting the pictures Barb, I am sorry I missed the show this year.
    It is one of my favorite shows in our area.
    Love that selvage quilt, creative and I love it doesn't scream selvages!
    Love the last quilt too, the border did it go all around the quilt or just the top and bottom?

  11. What great quilts and wonderful little projects you picked up too!!

  12. WOW beautiful quilts!! You have some VERY talented ladies in you neck of the woods. I'm so happy you share them with us :0)


  13. WOW what a show. Those are some awesome quilts. I love Attic Treasures. She is soooo nice. I bought from her in Paducah.

  14. Love the book worth doing twice, I too have a copy.

    The Bali bag is a little different to yours as it is sewn in rounds, the bottom is sort of a oval and as you sew the strips and it gets bigger it gets tilted up while sewing and that forms the bag.

    Hart to explain, sorry.


  15. Beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing. I made one of those in different colours called Orange Peel it was not an easy task. LOL.


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