Monday, May 17, 2010

Stars in the Valley Part I

Happy Monday Morning!

Wow, another local guild quilt show with amazing quilts!
Saturday was a beautiful day for a drive up north for a quilt show. There were many wonderful vendors, a local tea room catering lunch and a sweet table - quilt heaven.

The above quilt won best in show and it is spectacular. It was displayed at our show last fall and it was wonderful to see it again!

What a lovely applique quilt - blue ribbon winner!

The blueberries on this quilt looked really real. They are stuffed and embroidered and they were amazing.

Pretty and vibrant pineapple!

I thought this was very pretty.

The next quilt was also at our show. I have a really strong reaction to this quilt. I just love the vibrant colors on that chocolate background. I find myself looking at it many times and from different distances. I think its because I like strong contrast in quilts.

This one is for Jill -

A wonderful Nine-patch. That one vertical and horizontal row is a real game changer in the setting of this one.

Pretty border, elevates this quilt

Okay, here are a few words regarding credits. I know that I should be giving credit to quilt makers. However, in the real world, I'm not taking notes or keeping a running list as I enjoy and take these photos. I know some of the women who have made these quilts, but I don't think its quite fair to name some and not others. I endeavor to do better in the future. In the meantime, I think that most blog browsers are looking for inspiration and to enjoy the beauty of quilting. That is my intention when I post on a local quilt show.

I hope you enjoyed these, I will post on the rest of show soon.


Michele said...

And inspire you did! What an amazing group of quilts. What talent!

Unknown said...

They are all beautiful and inspiring! Truly a talented group of individuals. Thank you for sharing.

Quilting Corner said...

Thanks for showing these marvelous quilts. I never get tired of looking at quilts.

Lori said...

Beautiful quilts!! I love the small medallion with the bluebirds and the gorgeous urn.

Kathi D said...

Wow, you go to the BEST shows! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yes I always enjoy seeing the quilts you show, thank you for sharing


Sue-Anne said...

They are all beautiful Barb. You have such talented quilters in your part of the world. Thank you for the Show & Tell.

QuiltSue said...

They are all great, but my favourite is definitely the 9-patch, the setting is so clever and I love the colours.

Janet said...

What wonderful quilts, lots of talent there. A friend has done the Morris urn and it's beautiful.

Rose Marie said...

The quilts were delightful .... many thanks for sharing!