Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Quilt Festival

We participated in a "Portrait Challenge" a few years ago.

Here's Mary's -
I had a couple of ideas for this challenge. I got a large charge out of this supersize badge. It still makes me laugh.

This top is machine quilted with all the "roles" I play in life. It includes the usual, wife, mother, quilter, chef, etc. in the yellow squares I put my less appreciated "roles" in the black borders - procrastinator, 50+er, wine drinker, partier and then made the little top into a pillow for my reading chair.

Here is Barb's-
I had fun making this. I used bias tape for my hair, a real barrette, snaps for eyebrows, and a wine bottle for my nose. I used baby beads in the background describing all the things that are important to me.

I made the hanger using a pant hanger and embellished it with Scrabble tiles and buttons.

Enjoy all the quilts in Amy's Quilt Festival.


  1. Very clever..both of them...probably both of you!

  2. both are fun quilts! Love that little hanger! Thanks for pointing it out. I probably would not have noticed it!

  3. Fab quilts! I love the writing, it's so well done and a very cool idea!

  4. Love them both, very creative.
    The name tag made me smile, I want one;)

  5. What a clever challenge, and great quilts!

  6. mary = your quilts are fabulous

  7. Great self portraits, they gave me a very nice chuckle this morning :0)


  8. How fun!!! I loved seeing them!

  9. Hello, Barb! I appreciated your comment regarding my entry (Primary Log Cabin) - thank you for the kind words.

    Your entry makes me want to delve into the quirkier side of quilting! Huzzah!

  10. Wow; what great quilts! Mary's quilt is SO unique!


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