Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strawberry Fields

Happy Sunday - Here is my Strawberry Fields quilts, which I'm calling Strawberry Wine because I spilled an entire glass of white wine on it while I was machine quilting it. Yes, you can quilt on a slightly damp quilt.

Thanks Lori! Her blog, Humble Quilts is always a great place to visit for inspiration. After much deliberation and trials, I decided on this red dot fabric, which reminded me of a strawberry.

I was too engrossed in the Masterpiece episode I was watching and didn't line up the third vertical row correctly, thus losing a little of it forever. I was quilting when I noticed do I get so distracted? And no, I wasn't drinking wine at that time :)

My doll, Annie, seems to like it fine.

I chose this pretty green fabric with the butterflies for the backing.

This week I heard back from the Special Exhibits coordinator and my quilt "Lunar Pineapple" has been accepted to be in the special exhibit "Trash to Treasure" at the Long Beach and Houston Quilt Festivals. I'm very excited to be included and I look forward to seeing all 30 quilts.

After cutting out a white batting, I soon realized that black batting was the only way to go. So I arranged an emergency lunch meeting with Jill on Friday who had a black batting to give me. It was great because it was also her Birthday and we had a lovely time.

I'm quilting it in all over tea-cup pattern. It is difficult to see, but I'm hoping it will give it a nice texture.

Sneak peak at the backing.

This one is for Mary, who asked for a coco fix. All she's missing here is a glass of wine and a little applique'.


Karen said...

I like your "wine" story.

Looks to me like you have a darning thingamajig collection. I can't think what you call the things. I would like to hear a little about the collection.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Strawberry Wine is fun. I love that the third one is offset a bit - adds character. Congrats on the upcoming exhibition- woohoo! Does this mean you'll be coming to Houston?

Lori said...

Woo-Hoo! Fantastic!! I wouldn't have noticed the third row being off if you hadn't mentioned it.:)
Congratulations on getting yoru pineapple quilt accepted. It's such a fun quilt!! Are you quilting it by hand or machine?

Mary said...

Ahhhh, Coco. She makes me smile. Your garden looks beautiful with the birdbath in the center. Congrats on the pineapple quilt. Are you going to Houston to see it. Maybe a good cupcakers trip!

Shelley said...

Love your strawberry wine!!

Ann Champion said...

Your Strawberry Wine quilt is darling! The red you chose is so cheerful..and the little dots do look like Strawberries? I didn't notice your third row was off until you mentioned it. It gives it a bit more charm!
Thanks for showing the back too. That's a fun print.

Congrats on your Pineapple Quilt being accepted for the show! It has such fun fabrics in it and backing is wonderful too!

Crispy said...

I LOVE your strawberry wine quilt, it's so bright and cheerful!!

Congrats on having your quilt fun!!


Anonymous said...

Love the little red quilt...and congratulations on having your quilt included, well done.


Sue-Anne said...

Coco looks so relaxed lounging outside. I am so happy for you with your pineapple quilt, it really is stunning.

Your Strawberry Fields is so cute - I love the photo of it on the dolls bed!

libbyquilter said...

oh~! i'm actually feeling a bit jealous . . . your strawberry wine quilt is so very cute and it's FINISHED~!!~

mine is still in the marinating stage . . . just when i think i've made a decision about which fabric to use i change my mind . . . am wondering if i need to consider some other options. maybe i'm not able to choose because the right fabric has not been auditioned~!?!~ or maybe i just have too much going on right now to give the decision the proper attention that it deserves. the dust should settle soon and we shall see . . .


PatchworkRose said...

Congratulations on the quilt and Cocoa is looking adoreable :-)
Love your Strawberry Fiels too

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Funny about the wine. I'm always afraid I'm going to do that too. Especially after the second glass. lolol
But.....I'm lovin that doll quilt. It is adorable. I need one.
Congrats on the quilt being accepted. That looks like a lot of work.

Taryn said...

I was going to start my comment with the quilt but then I saw Coco. Sooo sweet! Your Strawberry Fields quilt looks great. Wine and (and on) quilts is a good combo in my book.

Janet said...

The little strawberry quilt looks fantastic. I love to see your backings. Congratulations re the pineapple quilt being accepted too.
I wish I were Coco right now.

QuiltSue said...

The doll quilt is great, and the red fabric just perfect for it.
Congratulations on having your quilt accepted for Houston, you must be so proud.
As for Coco, she's adorable.

antique quilter said...

congrats on having your quilt accepted! what an honor. Love the quilt, very fun choices for borders and backings, you have such a knack for that!

oh your garden does look nice and oh coco just seems to right at home in that beautiful chair!

great name for the quilt, love the red btw

Michele said...

Hi, That is the most gorgeous doll quilt I have ever seen. Not kidding! And there have been a lot to see lately. Coco is also beautiful, of course, lest she feel neglected. Michele

Jan said...

I love your Strawberry Wine quilt, Barb! I may still make up those two repro doll quilts. The *quilt-a-longs* happened at a busy time for me but may be perfect projects for the summer. Your versions are certainly nudging me along!
And big congrats on the show acceptance!

Unknown said...

Your Strawberry Wine is just fun. I love it! I made one too but chose a darker setting fabric. After seeing yours, I nearly regret having already quilted it! Take care

Katherine said...

Strawberry Wine is lovely. Such a sweet quilt.
Congrats on your entry into the exhibition. Very exciting!

Anonymous said... drinking and driving!! See what happens? Hee!!
I'm off the charts in love with your Strawberry quilt! Lori picked another winner and seeing it on your little bed was just darling!

Diane said...

At the risk of offending others, yours is the best Strawberry Patch quilt I have seen. Your fabric choices are exquisite, girlfriend! That backing fabric is genius the way it echoes the colors in the blocks, yet contrasts with the scrumptious red polka dots. It almost reminds me of a William Morris print.

Congratulations on the Pineapple quilt too. You're into tiny piecing these days, with awesome results!

Happy Birthday too. You know your gift will be late. It's currently just a glimmer in my eye.

Béa said...

Love both Strawberry & Pineapple quilts, wonderful !

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

A very sweet quilt! Or is it wine flavoured? It is good to know you can still quilt a damp quilt!

AnnieO said...

I love how scrappy you made some of the blocks--especially with that green, my favorite color.

Congrats on your trash to treasure entry--I'll be going to the Long Beach show so will look for it.

Valentina said...

What a great story and two lovely quilts.
I really like how you quilted your Strawberry Wine. and the spotty dotty fabric is inspired!

Heidi said...

I am sure Annie does love her SF quilt. It is fabulous! Sorry about the wine but thought immediately it was good you had red I love the backing fabric. Have never seen that fabric before and it is amazing. I think this was a really fun QAL and am enjoying seeing how they all turned out.

Love the zinginess of Lunar Pineapple too!

Hugs from Holland ~

Anonymous said...
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