Thursday, March 1, 2012

As The Iron Steams

WARNING:  This post in intended for mature audiences.  Some images may be disturbing to less experienced, or younger viewers.

I've been considering a new iron.  My old iron was still getting hot, but the steam holes were clogged and it was dirty.

When I saw this product (at Bed, Bath and Beyond), I decided to give it a try.  Why add to  the landfill if I don't have to, right?

Before starting, this is how my iron looked:

After using it, per instructions, my terry cloth towel looked like this:

After shaking it, my sink looked like this:

After the cleaner went to work inside my iron, this is how it looked:

Next up, the plate cleaner.  I use this one:

This is the recommended amount:

This is what came off:

Actually, there was more, but you get the idea.

After cleaning the iron looks like this.  Much better!  but you can still deposits on those lower steams holes.

During the second rinsing of the steam chamber, this is still coming out of the holes onto the towel.  Oh dear.

Can this iron be saved?
Will Barb ever trust it again?
Is the iron doomed to the landfill?

For the answers to these and other burning questions;
tune in next time on "As the Iron Steams...."


  1. Oh dear - I wouldn't trust it again. I might keep it to iron my rags but that's about it. I just bought a new Shark - will let you know how I like it. My $15-20 Black & Decker works well but it doesn't get hot enough for me. So I'm keeping it as a back-up and pluggin' in the new Shark. I used distilled water with my irons.

  2. LOLROF!! Very entertaining!!

  3. Hmmm.. this is making me wonder what lives in my iron?

  4. Eww yuck!! I wouldn't trust it again. I have a seperate iron for my quilting and I don't use steam because our other iron once spat out nasty stuff. I look forward to the next exciting installment...

  5. Well, its got to be cleaner! Just look at all that gunk and stuff. Good luck. Iron something icky first!

  6. Too funny!
    I use distilled water in my iron which seems to work pretty well. Not very eco friendly, but I do recycle the plastic bottle.

  7. Will you fill us in tomorrow??? or is this a weekly event???

  8. You've caught my attention. I love a story with a lot of dirt!

  9. I use a black and decker travel iron, the travel ones seem to get hotter and they are a little bit smaller for ironing all the patchwork. I also put water in a spray bottle and spritz the fabric then iron over it, had too many problems in the past with steam irons using the water in them. Kinda like what your towel looks like.

  10. yikes! I'd want to iron a lot of unimportant things before I trusted it with any of my quilting projects.
    Good luck!

  11. Thanks for the good chuckle. I look forward to future installments!

  12. I just replaced my iron for spitting on my piecing. It never seemed to spit when I was ironing black dockers, but always when pressing pretty fabrics!
    I didn't even think about cleaning it. I'm not going to put water in my new one. I have a spray bottle of water to use, or Best Press.
    I'm curious if you'll be able to trust the iron too...?

  13. How old is this iron?
    I'm with Kyle, I love a story with dirt :0)

    Happy Sewing and ummm cleaning?

  14. Oh my, send that iron to the landfill. I was excited when I saw your purchase...but wouldnt want to take the chance of it ruining fabric.

  15. Thanks for such an informative post!

  16. Ohhh dear!!! I might not trust the iron again either!
    I had a bad experience with an iron leaving marks on clothes, so now I used distilled water only. (DH bought a distilling unit, so he "cooks" up a batch whenever I run out)
    Thank you for the photo of the Hot Iron Cleaner. Mine ran out and I had no idea where to find to do a Google search to see if I can find it here......

  17. Siince I started quilting I have gone through so many irons! Good luck with yours.

  18. Very funny:-) after the 2nd visit in a year to be repaired my serviceman has told me to use distilled water in my iron even though it is meant to be able to handle "hard" water. Seems to be working. Good luck with your iron.

  19. he-heeee~!!~
    i'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the next part of this exciting drama~!
    flat out amazing what has come out of that iron~!!!!~
    i spritz with a spray bottle when i need to but don't use the steam part of the iron. i've actually been chiding myself for being so weird about it but now i think i'll just stick with that method.
    still gotta wonder what might be on the plate of my iron . . .


  20. Eewwwww..............

    Once after using a trusty iron for months, I noticed something in the water tank when I filled it. It was a spider, a drowned one of course. Always wondered how it got in the iron. I could not empty the spider out and thru the life of the iron the spider body broke into pieces and little legs floated around inside for ages. How weird was that!

  21. Oh, I hope the next installment doesn't include a quilt block. I could never trust that iron at this point! It SCARES me ;-)

  22. Loved your story, from the opening warning, through all the gruesome photos, right up to the teaser for the next episode.

    Your story has made me VERY nervous, wondering what's inside my iron which is starting to spit and drool, especially (of course) when I'm pressing light fabrics.
    I love using a steam iron, but I'm more confident just spraying moisture on my fabrics.

  23. Use white vinegar! I recommend it for loads of things that get a chalk buildup! It really works and is safe. I even use it in the final rinse when doing clothes. They come out lovely and soft and no more scratchy towels. The vinegar smell is non-existant! Try it and see.

  24. That was pretty funny! You got me when you said it was for mature audiences. I think I'm mature enough. LOL

  25. You're hysterical!!! I love those sole-plate products (great for when I always hit the fusible and it fuses to my iron haha) but I've never heard of that other product -- thanks for a great tip. Can't wait for the next installment -- I love me a good series LOL. (Oh...and...big fat box headed your way today!)

  26. You've brought me back to a time when I would watch with baited breathe the next episode of Days of our Lives! Ack...don't leave me in suspense too long!

  27. Kind of reminds me of when we took up the carpet to lay down the tile! It was beyond gross. Looking forward to your next installment though...

  28. maybe you should take a cue from Susan and buy the iron she did at the quilt show today!
    no I could not trust that iron again what if that stuff landed on your jubilee block, sorry landfill !


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